External PBP D&D 5E Server

Hey Everyone, I just thought I offer up a slightly different style of opportunity to play D&D. I’ve been a part of a discord play by post (PBP) server for over 18 months and find it a nice relaxed way to scratch my D&D roleplaying itch.

You start off at level 3, and quests are released and joined the 1st and the 15th of each month. In addition to that, there’s always a storyline or two floating around server wide along with arena style battle’s where groups take on monsters and a colosseum where you can pit yourself against other pc’s. There’s an active group of DM’s and participation in any particular aspect of the server is purely optional.

Take a peak at the server rules and info here: https://macguffins.io/ or feel free to ask any questions.

If this post is not appropriate for here, I apologize.

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