ESO Twitch Prime loot - September

If you have Amazon Prime and/or Twitch Prime, you’re eligible for a mount and pet in-game. Currently, it looks like it was posted early and the webpages aren’t working. It should be available during the month of September. Below are links to the claim page and a forum post about the website not working.

The pages show 404 errors for me, but according to Bethesda, it should be working later today or soonish.


Edit: Bethesda fixed the pages, so it should be working now. If you don’t have Twitch Prime, but have Amazon Prime, you can activate Twitch Prime for Free, otherwise you can start the free Twitch Prime trial. You will be able to keep the mount/pet after the trial expires.

Worked fine for me this morning, must have Twitch and ESO accounts linked

I have Amazon prime, yet the link is trying to get me to sign up for Twitch prime

I think that is just basically linking your Prime account to your Twitch account.
Of course, if you don’t have a Twitch account, then I you’d have to create one to be able to link them.


OK thanks

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