Elite Dangerous - INARA CLAN

Hi all,

It seems like the E:D wing is pretty loose so I’m trying to get more people involved. Evening mat grinds, Wing missions for PROFIT! And other activities.

Check it out: https://inara.cz/wing/3954/

Get in this game! We :heart: you!

Hey Malk0lm,

CMDR Vannolen here. I’ve been in ED for over a year, Elite Explorer/Entrepreneur Trader/Mostly Harmless Combat. But grinding them each to triple Elite now.

With the Chapter 4 updates, we now have the option for Squadrons in-game (essentially player guild channels).

I’m active and persistently casual in my ED approach. And I’m willing to spend time helping to organize things and/or put up the 10mill credits to create the Old Timer’s Guild “official” Squadron channel.

I’ll be posting for “permission” in the general threads elsewhere to see about getting involved ‘officially’ so there’s at least a Squadron and help system in place for anyone new to the game cutting their teeth.

Of course, the Alliance is the best Power in the Galaxy, hands down. :wink: But I’ll put up with a single re-affiliation if we need to recenter in the Federation. Not quite sure the Empire is in canon with OTG’s flavor, but w/e. :slight_smile:

Contact me here and in-game. CMDR VANNOLEN.

Happy to help out in the long run, or shoulder responsibility for starting something myself. I will be joining your INARA wing too.

Thanks! Let’s organize ED fanbase, it’s a phenomenal game.


I joined this squadron after the admins slapped me for a terms of service violation. Feel free to join and hit me up on that!

Hm, I would like to join the OTG crew