Dungeon and Raid Location Guide

Hi all,

As new players come to WOW and returners come back, there is so much content and so many achievements that it can be hard to keep them all straight.

I found a Google Doc on WOW raids and dungeons and updated it to reflect location and details as the type of raid (10, 25, heroic, mythic, etc…) can vary greatly.

This is a work in progress and I still need to add to it and clean it up. But I wanted to post and see if you all thought it might be helpful.

I am also working to update if the dungeon or raid is soloable for legacy loot. Some have mechanics that can be a challenge especially in Pandaria and later.

Any thoughts and feedback would be wlecomed!


Very nice

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oooo thankya so much. I need this a lot XD

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Thanks all. I am still editing it so let me know if you have changes or suggestions.