Dracthyr Customization options and Preview Rogue & Hunter Talents

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Just a reminder…

If you haven’t done it yet, create a level 1 toon on a throwaway Alt with your Dracthyr desired toon name in order to save it for Dragon Flight Pre-Patch (which i know is months away).

Once we get the Pre-patch & can create our Dragons, you will want to play with the Customizaion Options first. Find the look you want before deleting the level 1 Alt Toon. You might spend hours playing around for that perfect look and while waiting to get it just right…someone else logs in and snags your saved name.

You write down all the final “Looks” by appearance # or name so when it is time, delete the Alt, and quickly create your toon with your prefered name.

I am Macalatraz, a Dracthyr of renown among my clutch…mainly due to my falling out of the nest.
A Caster of Epic Skillz (ToP Belcher Ability with Prismatic Fire after Taco Tuesdays)…
Defender of the Realm’s Treasure Horde (for a small fee)…



that’s a good idea

“fell out of the nest?” :rofl:

As always Trevain, you are a man of many …ahem… ‘talents?’