Double XP accomplishments

What did YOU accomplish during the double xp month?

I got my Horde toon menagerie beefed up:

  • a 45 Warlock to 120
  • a 60 Paladin to 120
  • a new Monk to 120

And added one to my Alliance harem:

  • a new Paladin to 120

Yesterday was a race against the clock, but I hit 120 on my 4th toon within a half hour of the buff ending. XD \o/

All in all, a successful month. :slight_smile:

The buff isn’t ending it was extended to prerelease of the xpac, but congratz on all that work anyway.

Nevermind. (deletes thread)

Thanks for the grats. Hmm… let’s see who else I can level.


I switched over to ally for rep bonus month to open up allied races for for alliance. Then, of course, those all need leveled for heritage armor. Along with the rest of the horde ones I haven’t finished yet… the to-do list is longer than the done list!

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I’m in the same boat, but working on a Troll Druid for Horde Allied races. Glad of the extension. And speaking of … when Shadowlands opens, Blizzard is removing exalted rep requirements to open Allied races. Yay!