Double Legendaries tomorrow with Chapter 7

Remember, we will be getting Double Legendaries tomorrow after we finish Chapter 7.

You will receive FREE a Belt of Unity ilvl 265.

This belt can NOT be upgraded or broken for mats…

This is your new COVENANT Legendary…it will switch powers to reflect the covenant you are currently joined

You will be able to equip another NON-COVENANT Legendary along with the Belt of Unity.

Check Wowhead for your Double Legendaries combos.

Once you hit REVERED with the Enlightened, you can buy the Memory of Unity from the Quatermaster

This Memory can be crafted on ANY SLOT & is upgradeable to Rank 7 291 ilvl

So the belt is FREE (but is 265 non-upgradable) Use it till you get to revered and can buy the Memory.

Memory Costs 500 Cosmic Flux but then can be used on any slot and raised to ilvl 291

Just remember when crafting, you are still wanting to save your Tier Slots (Hands/Legs/Chest/Shoulders/Helm)

Tier will drop in the Raid & it can be in the Great Vault.

Mid April we will be able to craft Tier Pieces with the Creation forge using items from the Raid/Mythic+/PVP.

Currently there are no open world items able to be used in the creation forge.
(ilvl 246 Sandsworn Relics would be nice but Blizzard hasn’t chosen to allow that yet)

Hope this helps,