Does anyone play on or use Fantasy grounds?

Does anyone play on or use Fantasy grounds?
Looking to get back into playing after years and years away.
I have FG and the New version. I like D&D and looking into trying Pathfinder since I love the CRPG version.
Any groups out there.

Greetings and welcome to the Virtual Tabletop section. Fantasy Grounds actually seems to be the preferred software used by OTG members for campaigns. In fact, we have one group right now that’s getting ready to run the Age of Ashes module for Pathfinder 2.0. Message @Rando and maybe he can fit you into the campaign. Our campaign runs Thursday nights.

How does that work online? Curiosity…

Client/Server architecture. The GM is the server and the players are the clients. It is built around what is called the desktop that acts as the table in a face to face game. The GM being the server has access to all the features, maps, tokens, NPCs, encounters, story, etc. All the things that make up a Role-Playing Game session. The players have access to their character sheets and whatever the GM sends them that they may need at the moment, such as the map of the surrounding area, a picture of the NPC they are talking to or the monster that just attacked them.

One thing that Fantasy Grounds does above most other Virtual Table Tops (the generic name for an online program to run remote Table Top game sessions) is that the rules are built into the game ‘ruleset’ so that the players and GMs don’t have to do the math or remember every last rule to play a game. The end result speeding up play and combat in particular immensely.

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Here is the video that Fantasy Grounds has on their website. You can also see their other videos if it catches your interest.

Thank you, it looks cool

My brother is a semi-pro DM (Wizards pays him to run new modules at Cons and things like that) and he loves Fantasy Grounds.

Which system you should use all depends on what game you’ll be playing, how much customization you want, etc…