Developing new games

I am an unreal engine developer, and I have a couple games that I have been working on for the past few years. One is a medieval multiplayer RPG game, with a heavy crafting focus. The other is a third person competitive team shooter. They are both still very rough (pre-alpha), but playable.

I’m curious if OTG (or individual members) would be interested in becoming involved with the development of games directly. Are any members doing something like this?

It sounds like you’re addressing people with experience (something I don’t have), but I used to design levels for games like Descent and Unreal years ago and loved it. Somewhere there is a 7-year-old version of me screaming because I never progressed beyond the BASIC games I used to make on my Commodore 64. Secretly, all these years later, I still dream of being able to create games and/or game content. The Unreal engine looks really impressive these days!

Hi Meeks!

I’m mostly testing the waters here. I was checking in to see if others get the same pleasure from making games (or just thinking about game mechanics) as they do from playing them. Maybe we can figure out a way to use the skills/interests that people have?

Since I started playing around with the engine 4 years ago I’ve done some game jams, and made a bunch of small prototypes. The whole development process has become much easier to get a handle on, and making something playable is totally possible.

I’m not sure exactly what I’m looking for here, so I apologize for sounding unclear. Some possibilities include having a OTG game team, working on project(s) - if there are a lot of folks interested, Collaborating on game assets, or contributing to existing games. Or just an occasional game brainstorming, which may lead to a prototype.

Again, just tossing this out there to see what kind of interest there might be.