Noticed a new game on steam called Demeo a VR tabletop 1-4 player co-op dungeon crawl. I might get it but I would like to run with guildies and not pugs. Has anyone gotten it and played it? I watched a couple of you tube videos and it looks like fun with friends.

I am not familiar.

I recently pulled the trigger on Talespire and have been playing around with it. Unlike Demeo, it’s not a “game” but essentially a 3D map making program/world intended for tabletaop RPGs.

It’s not really a replacement for Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, or Foundry because of it’s lack of automation but who knows what the future brings. I’ve been messing around with maps and it’s kinda fun.

Hah cool! No VR here, but I like where they are going. :slight_smile: