Noticed a new game on steam called Demeo a VR tabletop 1-4 player co-op dungeon crawl. I might get it but I would like to run with guildies and not pugs. Has anyone gotten it and played it? I watched a couple of you tube videos and it looks like fun with friends.

I am not familiar.

I recently pulled the trigger on Talespire and have been playing around with it. Unlike Demeo, it’s not a “game” but essentially a 3D map making program/world intended for tabletaop RPGs.

It’s not really a replacement for Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, or Foundry because of it’s lack of automation but who knows what the future brings. I’ve been messing around with maps and it’s kinda fun.

Hah cool! No VR here, but I like where they are going. :slight_smile:

It also come in a PC version. It offered both PC and VR when I bought it for VR

Downloaded the demo to try it out, thanks :slight_smile:

Played my first game last night and I AM HOOKED!!! Did it in VR and WOW! AWESOME SAUCE!!
The community seems real friendly / nice . The people I ran with were VERY friendly and VERY helpful. Think I found my new “IT” game. But if you gonna play it, set aside some time because it is defiantly NOT a pick up and put down game. Its like any other dungeon raiding game

I can see what you mean via the demo. I like the feel of picking up my “mini” :slight_smile: I did hear the never ending mobs can be a pain. Never did like to get rushed, but if I think of it like a a tactical board game thats not really an issue.