Defend the Night (New MMO)

I came across a new MMO in development called Defend the Night. I was engaged in some gaming discussion on Twitter and one of the devs commented on how inspired he was by Everquest. Well, that was enough for me to go take a look at his game. Seems like it’s still very early in the development stages, but definitely one to keep an eye on. The site has some screenshots, alpha footage, and some class and race info. You can definitely pick up on the Everquest cues, which is a good thing imo. Go register on the site and put a bookmark in this one. Maybe it will be worth considering for a future guild chapter. Cheers!

Early Alpha Shadowknight Gameplay Footage
Early Alpha Wizard Testing


Thanks for the heads up! Looks interesting, but a bit rough. But its early alpha so hopefully, it will be polished a bit more.

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Yeah, it definitely looks rough right now. But, from a foundational design and directional standpoint, I love the approach. It’s been years since I’ve come across an MMO that gave me hope for the future of the genre. Now, between Pantheon and this, I have a glimmer.