Death in Pantheon

Joppa lust dropped this

When you die:

  • Return to your bind spot
  • Lose X% of current experience towards next level
    - Large durability hit to worn equipment (if we implement durability, which we probably will)
  • Respawn with the gear you were wearing when you died still equipped.
  • All general inventory remains on corpse, must be looted to retrieve. This includes money.
  • Resurrection abilities will return an amount of lost exp. All priest classes will boast the same exp return for their rezzes.

I like the balance they have hit. I am looking for this game to hit PA5


I agree that this feels like a good balance. It stings but isn’t something you can’t overcome with minimal time/effort.

Thanks for posting this, @Cali.

I agree with you, @Meeks. This seems like a nice compromise.

Hopefully we don’t experience this compromise all too often. :slight_smile:

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Wow, interesting to see a game with some real death penalties. Looks like corpse runs are gonna be back on the menu!

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Seems so simple an idea. Brilliant solution I say. /applause

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I’m very satisfied with these penalties, and can’t wait to test it! I do anticipate some tweaking during PA5, but hopefully nothing major will arise during testing.


Gotta make you regret dieing, so seems fair. Makes me wonder when/if they may build in necro/etc corpse summoning or at least ability to grant drag permissions. If none of those happen for a while, then we’ll have some harsher times early on. :^)


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