Deals, Sales. Free game offers

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First the Thief collection is on sale from Humble Bundle for 75% off and expires in 21 hours 48 minutes from time of this posting.

Homefront: The Revolution - Freedom Fighter Bundle 83% off at

State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition 75% off at fanatical 2.5 hours left in the sale

Steam Summer Sale until July 5th

5 hours left
posted at 7:27am EDT
Steam Autumn Sale ends Nov 27th 10:00am PST

Amazons Cyber Monday sale is on till December first. :slight_smile:

members are getting free games and according to r/intel/ its legit

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Maby we should just close this post and make a game bargains forum like we had on the old forums.

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I can put in a request to add “Gaming Bargains” forum to General Games.


That would be awesome thanks :slight_smile:

@Kelryth Put them in “GG Private” using the tag “Bargains” under “General”

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