Deakin status update

Had another one, they called it small blood vessel disease. basically my 1st stroke weakened the small vessels in the brain thus creating a follow up stroke. i pretend it was brain earthquake , i had one then i had an aftershock
Also found out if you’re talking to your night nurse, make sure you aren’t sucking on a cough drop. Her eyes got really big and she asked me if i was having trouble speaking. then i reminded her of the cough drop she just game, when she start asking me questions.

Hugs Deakon

Please get well fast and take your rehab seriously, no matter how much you feel like knocking out the physio therapist.

Then when you are up-to speed I’ll challenge you to a race if you are still using the frame. My frame has become a permanent extension of myself these days.

I saw something in this thread that brought happy tears to my eyes. Lorantell has my byline in their signature. “OTG… The place to be!”

They had the report from my previous therapist and after testing me decided I didn’t need supervised therapy this time because of the way i responded at the hospital showing them what i knew i needed to do in the coming weeks. you’ll probly beat me in a race, this time will take me longer to get my strength back up to par.

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I found out after chatting with Kelryth something so many WoW players wished for has come true.

Do you remember when everyone used to harp on and on about how I would have loved so many places in WoW if only I could see what it used to look like before one of the expansion packs changed the virtual world irrevocably?

LoL it got so bad that I know I snapped at a couple of my dearest friends and told them they are not allowed to say ‘Before the Cataclysm’ in mumble to me or I’d mute them.

Well after a discussion with Kelryth and trying to find out why there’s Classic WoW and regular WoW. I still didn’t get why there we’re 2 until he reminded me about the burning crusade and Cataclysm that changed the world that I remembered about all those times I heard…

“You would have loved this place before…” or “Safari I wish I could show you what it used to look like here.”.

Well now we can see and can do it all, doesn’t this excite you to finally be able to show me.

I just got a bit sad cos Wayfar was one of the wishers who wanted me to see. Now he can’t show me. Deakon please promise me you will do EVERYTHING your doctor’s advise you to do and don’t just pretend to do it but ignore them or get into that “I can’t be bothered doing that today” mindset. Really truly do it. The world still needs you.

I want you to show me how WoW used to be pretty please?

Now my dang nose is running and tissues are as hard to find as freaking toilet paper Grrrr.


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How’s the rehabilitation going Deakon?

1 more visit from the nurse next week to wrap things up. ocupation physical therapist last visit was yesterday they gave me lists of exercises to continue but say i’m good enough i don’t need their help. speech therapist says i’ve made improvements and to continue doing what doing he doesn’t have to come back.

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If found unconcious sitting in the sun
Make sure i’m not napping before calling 911


You know the best way to get speech back up to scratch, aside from the exercises your therapist says to do, is to practice over and over. So I hope you will get into the NEW mumble with me and chat. I don’t care if you make mistakes or sound different. Just knowing you are alive and getting better is brilliant. I always loved hanging out with you.

I hope I can adjust fast to the new software. But please don’t be shy about logging in and coming to hangout with us even if you don’t play. Your company is what matters.

Hugs from Safari

Yeah what she said, and I still haven’t gotten to hear the infamous Deakon whine…

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I set a 30/60min alarm on my kindle when closing my eyes
for ‘Brain Therapy’ sometimes. Keeps the moss from growing.

Glad you’re doing well. I found OTG all those years ago as part
of my recovery regimen. Heck, getting to the point now I might
have time for games again later this summer or early autumn.
My volunteer stuff is local summer festivals and the like.
i.e. ain’t gonna happen this year.

Anyhoo perhaps ill catch you online when i get
some time to game on a regular basis again.
Keep healing, keep progressing.


I have to share something with you and Deakon. LoL

It was too funny I had to take a picture out of the catalogue and then I bought it.

Take note of the smaller inset pics. Specifically the one with the girl fallen asleep at the keyboard.

That’s how I keep killing my mechanical keyboards. Because usually my drink gets knocked over when I face plant the desk in a many gaming marathon.

Maybe you should invest in one too Poetry



Does it come with a drool cup?

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LoL no but it’s made with memory foam so it has great absorption like a good sponge.

Nothing quite like a good drool cup. ~Thodrick Of York.

I’m more the head back and snooze until i snort type.
So no need for a pillow or cup. Perhaps a small fan
to keep murder hornets from flying up my nose though.


You guys are hilarious… :rofl: :joy:


LoL @Talos I think they could improve the shape of that Drool Cup

They have that covered in the Top Right inset picture :grin: