Deakin status update

Just letting folks know what’s happening. Was talking with my doctor when he told me not hangup my phone till emergency service got there. Been at VA hospital being treated for stroke

Hope everything is ok, best wishes on quick recovery.

Take care, my friend.

Aw Deakin, please take care. I’ll send positive thoughts your way…be well my friend.

I hope they take good care of you and you recover as best as possible.

Sending healing thoughts your way, @deakon! I hope you get the rest you need to heal.

Best wishes!!

Be well, @deakon! Here’s to a quick recovery :beers:

Hope the damage is minimal and you recover quickly.

Looks like physical therapy for 2 weeks then they’ll let me go home


Good to hear that things are good. Sending you lots of Taff hugs! Let us know how the physical therapy goes. Do everything they say! Or else! I’ll think of something, never fear!

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That is great news. Push that therapy hard so we can have you back. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Welp i got home last night. installing WoW retail today deleting one of my old toons to make room going to pass money over to them from one of my others. Going to use WoW for physical therapy starting game over to help retrain my hands. probly make a new hunter for ease of learning. going to make a dwarf i think because i already talk like a drunk pirate. VA decided i was doing good enough that they can send a PT to my place rather than having to go to a live in. also all the therapy homes are requiring a negative on the rocky mountain beer virus. and VA can’t get any tests because China makes them and our cheese puff in charge says we don’t need them because he says we’ll be ok.

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I would recommend this mouse;

My stroke affected my left side and this mouse makes it easier to game.

I did not like the 12 buttons on left side of mouse as it made hard to hit the correct key.

i use a simple 5 button mouse and foot switch for voice. the mouse isn’t flat like a normal mouse but looks more like a joy stick when sitting on the desk don’t remember name of i right off. but i much prefer it over standard mouse.

As usual I’m late. I’m so happy you’re back at home and sound like your irascible self. Be good…umm…just try. Sending you love and healing energies. Also sending a virtual HUG.


Today I walked out to the recycle bin; 4 wheeler walker makes it easy to carry boxes. Then i put on the parking brake sat my butt down on it and soaked in the sun for about 10 minutes. Yay to no rain for a change.


WaY to go Deakon…keep it up and pretty soon you’ll be ready for the Indy 500 walker races. :running_man:

Just a heads up my last day playing will be april 17th when my sub expires. I’m restricting myself to 1 game at a time and will be moving on to New World when Beta opens up.

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Thanks for the heads up. Enjoy! Feel free to drop in and chat any time. :slight_smile: