DBM apparently is in trouble

I just stumbled upon this post a few moments ago and thought to bring it to folks’ attention. I know a lot of people use DBM and swear by it, however, it appears there is trouble on the horizon.

Here is the link to the thread where I found this: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769068058

Lyn, it looks like Adam is getting the help he needs. Lots of the community have contacted him with either monetary help or practical advice via his Patreon account and topic on Reddit. :slight_smile:

THis is one of those moments that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling about my gaming brethren. Yes the gaming community has its share of assholes but there are also some really amazing people too.

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Sometimes people really do help out. Eco (a well known ARK modder), had a similar problem where she just couldn’t go on spending time on modding with everything else going on, including her insurance dropping her very expensive required medicines.

So the patreon she set up now at least pays for the medicines, giving her a bit more rest to actually work on the thing that’s important to all of us, her mods! (Yes, we’re being totally egoistic here :slight_smile:

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