Daggerfall Unity (is a thing)

No emulators required!

I’ve gone through the starter dungeon and Mages guild quest dungeon and haven’t fallen through the world once. Good Times.



sweet, downloading now. I loved Daggerfall.

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Forgot how huge these dungeons can be. Take all day just to get through one.

hehehe, there were times when I couldn’t find my way out and had to go back to a previous save. I got in the habit of making a save just before entering a dungeon.

BTW, the main designers of Daggerfall created their own game company and are working on their own game as sort of a spiritual successor to it, but obviously not in the Elder Scrolls IP since that is owned by Bethesda. Once Lost Games are their company if you want to look them up.

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Will do.


Definitely recommend this set of mods. Dungeons look fantastic. Minor gripe is you can sometimes see between the seam made between the floor and walls where floors slant up/down.