Countdown to Classic

Updated with a working timer.


Does BBCode not work? :frowning: @Cefwyn

It could be done in HTML, but it uses iFrames. I don’t know, this is beyond me…lol

<iframe src="" allowTransparency="true" frameborder="0" width="303" height="59"></iframe>

This is likely something you can ask about here:

WoW Classic Global Release In: 64D 08H 03M

There is now a working timer on the initial post.


wow awesome!! Thanks :slight_smile:

So. Far. Away.

The stress beta was so much fun! It just whet my appetite for more!

I even started a spreadsheet to help me figure out what names to try and reserve.

Can I request a pin until the timer runs out please?

pinned 'till the 28th

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ty :slight_smile:

Just look at those LEET skills!

Yup @Thisnthat is an Admin of awesome talent!