Contemplating Coming Back

So, as much as I can’t stand Activision and how overall I feel the game hasn’t been the same since BC/Wrath with the old original Blizzard…

I’m contemplating sucking up my pride and actually start playing the game again. I do miss the lore and I miss the people, plus there’s still a good player base. I’ve tried a lot of other games and I just haven’t gotten permanently attached to anything. I definitely want to be apart of a game where the guild resides, and WoW still seems to have a good pulse with OTG. I guess in the end, I can’t let one isolated concern ruin the overarching enjoyment. I can still hate Activision, but I can also still have fun. Part of me leaving the last time also was in due…I just grew very tired of always fighting the Legion, enough is enough. There’s other parts of the WoW lore they can work on. New Liche King Bovar? The Dragon Flights? Heck, develop a new nemesis and storyline…capitalize on it in game and in other avenues such as with books.

Just wondering if we are still on Anvilmar for Alliance and it looks like we use Discord now?

When I left the Horde side wasn’t as active as the Alliance side, is that still true?

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Yes, we are still on Anvilmar, and yes we are in Discord. Please feel free to come hang out in Discord if you want to get a feel for stuffs. :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to BFA and now is a great time to get back in before the new xpac drops in a little over a week. :slight_smile:

I would say that is still true, though it’s relatively close. Both sides are quite active.

So I subbed…updated my AddOns (saved my Interface and WTF in a folder from before I quit), and I think I did the pre-patch quest involving Malfurion. I unlocked the new Draenai version race too.

Sounds like you’re well on your way! Welcome back! :slight_smile:

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Just play both sides like I do. :sunglasses:

I’m contemplating coming back too.

I see there’s an Alliance guild (or two), that I’d be interested in joining.

Can’t say that I can seem to find any info on that, including the Discord link mentioned earlier in this very thread.

Am I missing something?


Here you go:
Discord -

Alliance Intra-Guild -

Welcome back!

Thank you much. Glad to be back. It’s been a long while. :slight_smile:

My wife and I have just purchased BfA and would like to come back into the guild. Thanks and I will look for you in game.

Hey, Tom and welcome back!

Be sure you both put your Intra-Guild requests in here:

You will get a letter of instruction, just follow that and we will get you invited in-game. :slight_smile:

OK thanks