Computer desk

Made my fist desk, what do you guys think of it?

Sadly the paint doesn’t feel smooth, perhaps I need to use different paint, ad another layer or something else :confused:

Anyway it didn’t burned down and it works :smiley:
… its a bit noisy, but I don’t need to lift it up myself for cleaning … getting old :roll_eyes:


I’ve recently primed then painted the stained wooden (pine) desk that’s in my bedroom. I’ve found the paint surface to be ok but the paint wears off, of course, at places like my wrist and keyboard area. I plan to buy a 10’ laminate top, cutting it down to fit, and that’ll solve the surface for me. I would think you could get a masonite (sp) sheet and use that as your surface using trim or glue to hold / adhere it into place.

That is really clever. The CPU is on a board that slides up? Nice. I never really thought about combining the case and the desk.

Personally I would have rather had a horizontal CPU section under the main desk surface that pulls out like a drawer. The reason why is I have dogs, and they like to sleep under my desk while I am gaming. All of that dog hair gets sucked in if there is an intake low in the cabinet, so I put the CPU up and on its side on my desktop to avoid the dog hair issue.

Thanks for the advice but I am not sure about masonite. I know I have a bad habit to keep words short. And please forgive my poor english.
This is what I did… I have placed a wooden surface … and I can feel all the nerves and bumbs of the wood after 2 layer lacquer paint. Then tried extreme sanding but the soft-wood parts flies off and the hard-wood parts is just hard and solid. The bumbs got worse T_T" ended up doing lacquer painting 4 or 5 times and still doesn’t feel flat enough.

So I am squeezing my few brain-cells … should I use thicker lacquer paint or will it give bubbles? … perhaps try epoxy, it looks bit tricky though? … or …
… sigh … Anyway I plan to fix my lousy paint job in the summer, need advice and time to think about it.

I understand the dog issue, I have carpet and it gives alot of dust. On the intakes I have glued 5mm dust filters with polymax … I just hope I don’t need to replace it.

There are horizontal computer desk on the market if you are looking for one. I thought Lian Li got a few versions based on idea. Looks great if you are into watercooling.

I’ve watched a couple videos coating a surface with 2 part epoxy. Totally changed the wood desk into a clear or color tinted hard surface.

Another thought is you could use a veneer sheet. I would check for a how to video but after you apply the glue to both the top of the desk and bottom of veneer sheet you would use books , weights, bricks to provide pressure while the wood glue dries.

Here is the thread where I describe my game desk design

Found a video for using veneer sheets. It mentioned veneer sheet doesn’t work well on most solid wood. The one I used is called pinewood I think. Too bad … I do like the idea.

nice! :smiley:
It does make me think of operators seat, ya know… super comfy chair and big sidearms with alot of buttons and coffee mugs :slight_smile:

Yes! I have to ‘mount’ the chair for a gaming session. Been working great. The puppy goes underneath my feet and plays with them as I game. When he gets tired, he sleeps on the plastic mat under one of the side desks. Personally I love the acreage for stuff on either side.