Company Focus at/after launch

With the preview winding down I’m wondering if people have seen enough to determine what focus they would hope the OTG company/companies to have after launch. Is there a desire to put the work in and be one that PVPs and ultimate controls territories? Will the focus be PVE and social? IMO, the preview showed something for everyone. Does anyone have a preference? Do our preferences help formulate a strategy for multiple companies doing different things? Just curious, not advocating for any specific direction.

We have a few more previews/betas to check out first, before we can really focus on that. We havent even seen the final map yet.

I agree with Ed. There is still another Alpha test and then beta tests. they have also stated there will more at least 1 more preview as well. I can tell you that personally whatever we do decide to do. I would want to make sure both our PvP folks and PvE folks feel comfortable. Have ideas but needs to be kicked around a bit and then put forth to everyone.