[Closed] SF - Three AP Starfinder Campaign (Saturdays, 8-11 EDT)

Haven’t thought of anything yet… I’ll see what others are inclined to do… Not interested really in the Alchemist, Don’t know that much about the gunslinger or Inventor so for now color me un interested in them as well.


yeah inventor didnt really do anything for me either. And even the alchemist is a stretch, really it was the character concept as a whole that tagged me. I will probably come up with one or 10 other ideas/concepts as well and make the final decision half way through the first adventure.

Part of the struggle with the alchemist i feel, is that they really aren’t good at anything. You are more like a robe of many pockets, which the rest of the group pulls items from as they are needed.

Yes but what about Daemoro’s inventor idea from the other thread:

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I have a Gobbo rogue rolled up from Ocelots possible game

Some of my German relatives are in town this weekend, so I need to go to dinner to see them. Since I am in PST, that is game time. Sorry about that!

do you know already what source books will be available to us for Alkenstar? Core, ADV, GaG, are all easy assumptions. What about SoM and BoD?

For Foundry, one major wonderful benefit is if it’s published and available at Archives of Nethys, from day one to about a week (or so), it’ll be available in game.

So a Skeletal Champion by the name of Arc is on the table then? hmm

I like it! Finish Devastation Ark then play Outlaws of Alkenstar with robots, guns and airship to airship combat…wait a minute…is this Starfinder? :smiley:

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It’s Pathfindereberron.


I want my goblin to be able to ride a squig, please.

Well, I can always resurrect Rasinar or Rocky if the party needs a tank or healer. If not then I’ll make something up at that time… Muhahahahahaha



Only if it’s a dwarf…

well if you go Summoner instead of Rogue you could make your Eidolon look like a squig.

I looked at the Gun Dancer as an option for a little Gun Fu. But it really feels a bit flat to me, especially i think with only single shot guns.

I dont see the summoner on the srd site yet, but thats funny. If I were not currently playing a summoner in PF1, I would be tempted :slight_smile:

umm, its right here: https://2e.aonprd.com/Classes.aspx?ID=18

but yeah I see why you wouldn’t want to play another.

Oh you could play an inventor nad have a construct as your invention. I haven’t looked at all the options for that but eventually it might be able to be a mecha-squig

Aasimar skeleton (house aged) ranger w/ a vampiric wolf (farm reared, free range) pet, served on a bed of watercress and spring greens, drenched in a garlic aoili

Oh maaan, don’t feed my urge to play the Kobold Kavalier on a riding drake.