[Closed] Seeking 1 more player for 5e sandbox (possible transition to Pathfinder 2e in the future)

NEW info:
The campaign’s been going on for a number of months and recently transitioned from doing modules (Sunless Citadel and Forge of Fury) to a sandbox campaign set in my custom world. The party is 5th level (lots of learning, so progression has been a little slow) and set out to deal with Kobold attacks on a small town, but things have ended up a little more complicated than they expected.

We play Saturdays 2pm to 6pm (CDT), and we’re using Roll20 for now (might switch to Fantasy Grounds once their new client comes out).

The party composition right now is a College of Shadows Bard, Circle of Dreams Druid, Arcanist Wizard (homebrew spell manipulation subclass), and Revised Arcane Archer Fighter (homebrew modification to AA). They’re losing an Eldritch Knight Fighter.

There’s lots of world info available, the basics of which can be found at this link. However, the party recently learned that some of what they believed, including some foundational assumptions, about the world is not actually true. If you’re interested in learning more, we can talk it over.

The houserules are still going strong, and we’ve expanded them as ruling have to be made on various subjects. You can find them all at this link. You can see most of them beyond those mentioned in the OP are just me noting down impactful rulings so we can keep things consistent in the future. However, I have also added a proper crafting system (linked here) instead of the… thing… 5e has by default. You are allowed a choice of one crafting feat (allowing crafting of items in one field) or any other one feat you like. This is in addition to the normal ASIs.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me on Discord (I’m on our server with the same name as here), drop into my game server linked here, reply here, or PM me here. There’s no guarantee I’ll see those last two right away, so Discord is the better option to get ahold of me.

One final note: I’ve been playing and really enjoying Pathfinder 2e recently, and I’m planning a small trial campaign for this group to let everyone try it out. If people like it, I’d love to convert us over to running that system instead of 5e. But that all depends on what people think when we try it out and will be a month or two down the line.


I’m planning to run a D&D 5e campaign to get myself back in the swing of GMing a little. I’ll be running a module that goes from 1st to around 5th level. Once that’s done, I’ll be deciding whether to continue into a more sandbox campaign, maybe start a new campaign, or move on to a Mage: the Ascension campaign. The day and time for the game is up in the air for now (more on that below).

We’ll be using a handful of house rules, and 3 homebrewed subclasses and 1 homebrewed class of my own creation are available to players. All of these are listed below, and I’ll be happy to consider any other homebrew material people want to try (badly unbalanced material will not be allowed, of course).

Anyone interested, you can visit https://discord.gg/yQuNgbf to get more info, ask questions, etc. Players may be drawn from several non-OTG sources, which is why I’m managing it through that server. Feel free to ask any questions you might have here, but posting in that server or DMing me on Discord is a quicker way to get a response. Also, if the game sounds like something you’d enjoy, please fill in your availability on this so I can start figuring out what times will work best: http://whenisgood.net/85fyqpi

I’ll be choosing the day/time for the game on Saturday, March 2. Players will be confirmed at that time, and the first session will be a week later so everyone has time to finalize their characters.

Rolls: Instead of the d20, we will use 2d10 rolls for checks, attacks, etc.
Criticals: Critical success is on 2 10s, critical failure is on 2 1s. The Champion’s Improved Critical grants criticals when both dice are 9 or 10, and Superior Critical when both dice are 8 or higher. Other critical range effects function likewise.
Advantage: For advantage, you roll an additional 1d4 and add it to the roll. You can have multiple instances of advantage and roll an addition d4 for each of them. For disadvantage, you roll the additional d4s but subtract the results from your roll. Advantage and disadvantage cancel each other out on a 1:1 basis.
Holding Action: Rather than preparing an action, you can choose to hold your turn if you have not done anything yet. You are pulled out of the initiative order and can choose a point to re-enter the order. You can choose to re-enter after any other entity’s action with no problem. Allies can let you re-enter before their turn as long as no hostile creatures are within 2 of the ally’s initiative, but attempting to re-enter before an hostile creature’s turn requires an initiative roll to determine who goes first. When you re-enter the initiative order, you take your turn at that point from then on. While you are removed from the initiative order, you cannot take reactions.

Homebrew Material (click for docs)
Warlock subclass - Cursebringer: A warlock who has sworn his existence to be a weapon of his Patron in exchange for the power to kill a hated foe, Cursebringers are gifted with both martial skill and debilitating magics. These warlocks are adept at using their uncanny powers to make enemies more vulnerable to harm.
Monk subclass - Way of the Green Voice: A monk trained as much in the ways of the natural world as in the esoteric arts of other monks. These monks can cast a limited selection of Druid spells and channel natural energies for various benefits.
Changes to Monk core class: Monks have two changes to get them more on-par with other combatants: They gain a bonus to attack rolls at 6th level that increases as they grow, and their Flurry of Blows gains an additional unarmed strike at 11th level.
Wizard subclass - Arcanist (in development; more details available if anyone is interested): A wizard who seeks to perfect his understanding and control of the fundamentals of magic in order to modify spells, their own and those of others. These wizards can even learn to adapt spells from other traditions into forms they can use.
Trueblade (in development; more details available if anyone is interested): A warrior who draws on an ancient power said to have shaped reality itself. Through training and immense willpower, they wield a force that can cleave through anything from steel and stone to intangible concepts such as courage to even space and time.

Just capping this off as the player slots have been filled.

EDIT: Found a player, so this is closed again.

Heyo, just a heads-up that I am seeking a new player to fill a hole (someone had a schedule change and can’t make it anymore). I’ve updated the top of the OP with some info, and you can always hit me up here or on Discord (Discord is more reliable, but I’ll try to check in here once a day) for more info or to discuss anything.