[Closed] PF2 - Outlaws of Alkenstar (Saturdays, 8-11 EDT)

this was Rando’s hidden date…

I guess I must really hate reading spoilers. See you next month! :slight_smile:

hmmm DPS Healer… I mean that is pretty easy to do, as a cloistered just follow a god that allows for you to take an elemental domain, or death domain. And then only take offensive ranged spells, with a little utility and defense to keep yourself alive. the problem is when you try to go melee dps, it just doesn’t work out.

I mean my plan was more support / heal cleric with some attack spells still, but If you want me to go full DPS mode I can definitely make a new cleric to do that. OR go with the Wildshape Druid Sprite I have cooked up he would be some fun DPS, and i think might have a heal or two available maybe.

My 2cp.

As someone playing a cloistered cleric currently and having seen/GM’d more - thusly I should have known better - they um… suck. Sooooo boring.

I am good to start playing whenever.

I’ve decided to go with Shoony. Gonna play a Shoony Gunslinger w/ some bounty hunter background. The rootinest tootinest fastest gun in the region, he’ll duel anyone and he ain’t afraid to shoot first and confirm he shot first he ain’t no Han Solo. Also, he’ll bounty hunt anyone, even if they are good and respected.

standard caster, stand in the back wiggle your fingers, recite some words of dubious power.

I will review my plans for her progression, and review her spell repertoire, make sure I have enough to keep me entertained. But it wont be the first time I played a full blown healer, I actually think this character will have more options than the 5e cleric I had in Grapper’s Scales of war game, where I was healing specialized. This time I have some plans for an Archetype that gives me more support options and maybe some potential for some interesting fun.

Assuming she lives long enough, at level 10 things get complicated/interesting with “Into the Future” from her Time Mage Adept Archetype. Which allows her to cast spells that wont go off till her next round. Oh and at level 8 she will gain access to Slow, Haste and a couple other fun time spells.

I learned with Vash, need to be able to do more than one thing to keep things from becoming just a boring slog through dungeon X. Lets just hope she survives to level 10 :smiley:

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For some reason I’d pictured your character as a dwarf instead of Shoony. Shoonies have friendly dispositions and to me what it sounds like you’re going for is someone a bit ornery with an outrageous red mustache and a ten gallon hat. Then you really would be the hootin’est, tootin’est, shootin’est, bob-tail wildcat in Alkenstar :wink:

Also, an irrational hatred of rabbits would really up the RP experience :smiley_cat:

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No ten gallon hat or big red moustache. Yes Shoonies are friendly by default but there are always exceptions and I am gonna be that exception. Not so much ornery as snarky, sarcastic and a bit bossy or alpha. Have you ever been around a Blue Heeler dog, they can almost seem ornery and bossy. But I’m also tossing around the idea of going Bard with my Shoony so that would be a less ornery rootin tootin character. That way I could totally lampoon any of you in song and poetry should you screw up and need to be ridiculed Bard-style :smirk:

@everyone is anyone doing Bard?

a bard never made it into my long list, much less the short list

ok, so I know I said I was solid on the cleric. but I was looking at some sort of tank options today as well. Will wait to see what happens for our session zero, I could (relatively easily) be convinced to drop the cleric if something else makes more sense. 3 weeks till then, im sure everyone will change concepts at least 5 times between now and then :smiley: or maybe just me.

I am glad my subscription ran out, as I love making characters. I am sticking with the goblin Rogue :slight_smile:

im using a spreadsheet, dont let lack of subscription hold you back :smiley: lol

Ack, too much like work! :slight_smile:

not building it out since Schplam has a thief in tow, and im playing a cleric (i just need to keep repeating that last part).

But I really want to see an Orc Rogue Ruffian with the Wrestler Archetype as a tank at some point.

OK so what do y’all want, Shoony Bard or Kobold Sorcerer?

Shoony Bard would be mostly charming scoundrel to get the group out of trouble, probably would have have free archetype of Gunslinger. He would sing the songs and tell the tales of the common people and the outcasts and underdogs :wink: against THE MAN! (I might also go Gunslinger with Bard archetype)

Or Kobold Sorcerer; an arrogant pyromaniac with a large chip on his small shoulder, a mouth that is far larger than his small size and delusions of dragon grandeur. Don’t start a fight in a place made of wood or basically anything flammable.

in either case im predicting all bark no bite :stuck_out_tongue:

Either is fine by me. I dont think we have heard what stompey has in mind. And I think Mith was on hiatus for health (im assuming that is still in effect) so we will be sans fighter-that-is-not-a-tank-but-has-medicine for an unknown period of time.

I am still probably playing heals, but depending on the group makeup might switch from cleric to alchemist. And have some interesting tank ideas if I need to swing into that direction. Cleric is more Heal/Support and the Alchemist is more dmg/support/heal.

Yeah, I’m going to be out for a while. I got the elbow surgery and start the hand and arm PT tomorrow. But since I have been out of work my back and lower legs have been acting up so I can’t stay in one place for long. SO makes gaming and generally playing anything on the PC I can’t stop in the middle of hard to do.

The back surgery looks like it will have to happen unfortunately. I just have no idea when.


Mith, I have a bad back, and at one point I had shooting pains in my left knee at times. After some consultation, what worked for me was regular walks of about 2 miles and a stand up desk. It takes some time to get into that habit and it may not work for you. However, since then, my back and leg issues have mostly gone away. So, I thought I would throw it out there. Best wishes, regardless!

Whenever your able we’ve got a spot for you.

[Edit] In case any of y’all were interested in the characters you made in Foundry a while back, they are um… toast. The campaign did not survive the great upgrade to v10 of Foundry.

[Edit 2] Updated the OP with start dates. Removed “Forthcoming” from title “tags”.