[Closed] PF2 - Outlaws of Alkenstar (Saturdays, 8-11 EDT)

Sounds like you’re tempting the fates there :smirk:

I’m a 2h-wielding tank (the only heavy in the group) with no shield…I’ve been tempting the fates since we started hehe.

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you have a full time healer at your beck and call, what are you worried about.


Hey no complaints here. Not worried so much as mindful…of dying in combat. Like the time you went down right after I did (I still chuckle over how you moved over to where I was down to “stack the bodies”). Most of the healing so far has taken place out of combat. Which is not to say that you have not done what is needed healing-wise in combat to keep things going, you certainly have. But I’m a 2-hand wielding tank without a shield, so I’m missing that sacred + or two to my AC…until I get the ancestry feat that gives me access to the shield spell that is.

and who do you think was providing that? LOL

I know what you meant though, just poking at you since its so easy without that extra AC.

That initial series of fights was rough on spell economy. I find I am being very critical of when I spend a spell slot, trying to make sure its a combat that is worth using the slot. I look forward to having more slots to throw around some spells without worrying that the next fight is going to be harder and more worthy of the expenditure. And I really hope we get some actual down time at some point during the campaign so I can make use of all the crafting Kadenza has access to, at lvl 6 I planned to take Magic Crafting, it would be nice to spin off some of her spells into wands and not have to keep them memorized all the time.

Maybe we should make Rando play Saturday, since Dragonflight isnt out this week :slight_smile:

works for me

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