[Closed] PF2 - Gatewalkers (Thursday, 7:30-10:30 EDT), trading off with Grapper, et al

What do you mean “3D” tokens?

^ :heartpulse:

Yeah but we don’t have 3D environments and I sure as heck ain’t making them. :frowning:

One thing to keep in mind since we’re running in Chromium, .webp and .webm are natively supported by almost everything. We can have animated maps, parts of maps, and even animated tokens.

That’s a pretty good rendering of the original 2d artwork. Did you use a 3d modeling tool for that? How did you make the textures?

That’s from Hero Forge. I use it to make physical minis and I sometimes make them and then use the photo booth to create VTT tokens.

Yeah the ole webp and webm conundrum… not to mention chromius…

Those are just random letters to me. In the you tube video it’s 3D! I’m sure you just have to push the right buttons :slight_smile:

I’m playing with a gunslinger build, not sure on Race or anything else yet.

not sure I would feel safe in a party with her!!

so Deamoro is gonna be a creepy clown too, are we gonna be the insane clown posse?

I think Daemoro was just making a token/image for Grapper, not posting a character concept of his own.

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@Daemoro Nice! Can you make the second one into a top down token?

Also, I’m planning to use a filcher’s fork rather than a dagger, I just didn’t take the time to edit the weapon in the pic I found.

@eddyteagle :clown_face:

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@grapper I will work on that tonight. Is that the pose you want too? I was just doing my best to duplicate your pic.

Also I can tweak colors etc to your liking.

@Daemoro What you made is good, just duplicate the picture I had. Thanks :slight_smile:

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@grapper this is the closest thing they have to a filchers fork.

I also tilted her head back a little so you can see some of her face from the top down view.

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@Daemoro Thanks!

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Just got Red Dead Redemption 2 so I can start getting into the mood for this game

Since nobody really bit on my negative healing themed party I’m going to go ahead and throw out my build for that group… it COULD still work but it would be difficult to say the least, so it’s probably a moot point:

This is going to raise some eyebrows but give it a chance to settle in before you auto-veto it based on your pre-concieved biases :slight_smile:

This character (nameless right now) was a dwarf who was killed by someone involved in the plot of the adventure path as part of the greater scheme…whatever that is. He probably wasn’t even important, but Drannvit saw the opportunity to settle a debt (connected behind the scenes for “reasons”) and raised him as a skeleton in his service. Now he is tasked with settling the “debt” which would simultaneously avenge his own wrongful death.

Ancestry: Skeleton (sturdy, adopted ancestry Dwarf)
Deity: Drannvit (LN Dwarven god, The Debt Minder, this comes into play in the backstory, Droskar could work too but the motive behind the creation of the skeleton would be different)
Alignment: LE (yes, last half is TECHNICALLY evil for reasons you will see in a moment, but concentrate on LAWFUL)
Class: Champion, Tyrant (this is why there has to be an evil component because there aren’t any Neutral Champions, and since as a general rule all undead are considered evil it’s not a stretch that a skeleton character would be evil, but Drannvit’s motives nor the motive of the character are inherently evil, this “situation” is just a means to an end. A deal has been struck and at its completion he will be able to rest in peace.) He will be able to heal himself with his negative lay on hands ability, but mostly out of combat.

What is is beyond this is up in the air. But he is basically a heavy armor tanky-boi that does intimidation stuff. Maybe he sprinkles in Marshall or Swashbuckler/Braggart or something like that to lean into the intimidation part. Or maybe go the route of Cleric dedication to get more negative healing options, but that’s a lot of investment for little return. I also had the idea of him not using a normal weapon at all, just a Shield (shield ally) and he would use the shield boss as a weapon to bash things. Of course blade ally and a big weapon isn’t out of the question either.

Like I said, I know it’s unlikely that this character would work with this group but it’s an idea that’s been kicking around in my head for awhile so I wanted to type it out a bit more or less just to give the creativity an outlet so I can maybe move on to something else.

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I could switch to a Vampiir. Another option is someone makes a Necro and your their pet

found a good free character builder…

Wanderers guide

I’ve been mulling over in my head - dangerous I know - some stuff. But what if we didn’t run Outlaws of Alkenstar? I’ll fill y’all in on the details in person.