[Closed] PF2 - Big Troubles in Little Otari Extravaganza (Sundays, 8-11 EDT)

It’s done the data migration!

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So the buttons at the top (left) of the screen that duplicated actions from your character sheets is from Token Action HUD which I overlooked in the reinstall debacle of last night.


I just reinstalled Cyberpunk 2077 and spent the last hour or so reinstalling mods and everything seems to be working.

^ Translation: I have spent no time prepping for today nor will I in fact be doing any prep whatsoever

I did not “redo” the campaign and/or export/reimport characters. As stated in the previous post our Token Action HUD is installed again (I didn’t akshually check to see if it’s um… working.) I will NOT be updating Foundry, the PF2 ruleset, or any mods before tonight’s game.

P.S. Why does the word “tonight” look so weird to me today. Discourse’s spellcheck is claiming it’s a real word but it still looks weird to me.

P.P.S. There are no songs of the day currently - I haven’t stated actually playing Cyberpunk 2077 for that to change. But… I’ve been walking around all morning talking to myself - out loud for a change. And then following that up with me singing in my bad falsetto - also out loud - like some sort of Greek chorus.
Example (approximately 11:00 AM today):
Rando: Did I make coffee this morning? I don’t remember making coffee. Should I have a coffee now? Should I make the coffee now?
Rando’s Greek Chorus (in bad falsetto): I will make the coffee now! I shall drink the coffee now!

That’s sooooo Rando!

We’re off this week, correct?


The PF2 ruleset has been updated to work with Foundry v10!

Almost all of our addons have been updated to v10 as well including the “important ones”:

  • Ranged Macros - so Zulli will “work”
  • Token Action HUD - so y’all have the pretty buttons at the top of your screen instead of having to click things from your character sheet
  • Follow Me! - so um… you can follow each other, 'specially Fred/Chitterus

I backed up the entire Data folder this time, not just the campaign folders. I’m about to update… all the things.

Oh ma-gosh.

Foundry v10 has native support for:

  • hiding/sharing info with the players (form the GMs point-of-view)
  • ping on holding left-click, including alt-left-click to “empatically” ping and shift-left-click (for GMs) to actually move the point of view/zoom level of players maps to where the GM is pinging
  • vision support for darkvision, tremor sense, truesight, etc

As a result, a number of addons we were using have been deprecated in functionality and thus been removed. Will this cause cranial detonations? Stay tuned to find out.


Everything appears to be working… The campaign is updated to Foundry v10. Y’all’s characters have filled character sheets, the token action hud is working, sounds play, maps are visible, etc. However, I haven’t done a deep dive into each character, so… /shrug.

@Ocelot along with his wife, as well as one of my other sisters and her husband are currently visiting. So the only prep I did was to look over the floor you just left. You left behind:

  • 7 1/2 encounters (one of those - not the 1/2 - being the Voidglutton y’all ran from)
  • 5 treasure parcels (spoiler: one being where the Voidglutton is)
  • 2 major-ish story elements
  • 1 side-quest

I only scaled one of the encounters up, the other’s were/are still designed for a 4-person party. One of the remaining encounters is/was responsible for the other group semi-TPKing (spoiler: it isn’t/wasn’t the Voidglutton).

I may have edited some text and even add/prepped a few handouts but I can neither confirm nor deny that.

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Runnin a bit late tonight. @Ocelot and I are just starting dinner now.

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Updating/reinstalling/configuring mods and stuff to work.

Drag Ruler :white_check_mark:
Ready Check :negative_squared_cross_mark:

Two things I just noticed:

  1. Mortimer carries a Bonk Hammer and a Shield. If/when he has both of those in his hands he will be unable to cast a three-action heal - which requires material components. A free hand is required to access a Material Component Pouch or grab a Divine Focus like a holy symbol. Or he could get the Emblazon Armament feat.

^ I learned about that stuff 'cause it’s causing my new character in Strength of Thousands all sorts of grief in regards to what’s held in hand and action economy.

  1. Zircon (- Asst. Manger) is big fat cheater!

Multiclass Archetypes

Source Core Rulebook pg. 219 3.0
Archetypes with the multiclass trait represent diversifying your training into another class’s specialties. You can’t select a multiclass archetype’s dedication feat if you are a member of the class of the same name (for instance, a fighter can’t select the Fighter Dedication feat).

So Zircon (-Asst. Manager) is going to need to pick a new free archetype dedication (and archetype feat for 4th level).

I may or may not actually be doing prep…

err I thought they changed that from pf1 to pf2 and my shield is actually strapped to my arm and it takes actions to take it off but my hand is considered “free” for a focus or healer’s tools?

The focus replaces material components, which you stated as well.

Mort has his shield strapped to his arm and either focus or healer’s tools in his hand.

I can change out Communal Healing for emblazoned armaments if you want.


Source Core Rulebook pg. 277 3.0

Raise a Shield is the action most commonly used with shields. Most shields must be held in one hand, so you can’t hold anything with that hand and Raise a Shield. A buckler, however, doesn’t take up your hand, so you can Raise a Shield with a buckler if the hand is free (or, at the GM’s discretion, if it’s holding a simple, lightweight object that’s not a weapon). You lose the benefits of Raise a Shield if that hand is no longer free.

Mort can grab a buckler or yeah get that feat.

so a not strapped to your arm shield, is it a free action to drop it or is it an interaction?

or does that refer to a buckler?

I’m a little confused.

A buckler, like a shield, is strapped to the arm. You can use that line you highlighted to spend an Interact action to unstrap the shield or buckler. Then you could drop it for free or use another Interact action to put it away.

A buckler, when strapped to the arm - unlike a shield - has the hand free to do whatever you want that can be accomplished by an empty hand.

Buckler = strapped to arm, hand is free
Shield = strapped to arm but hand is also not free.

Buckler ^

Shield ^

If I was playing Mort, I would want to get a Sturdy Shield as soon as possible and then put Thrudd’s holy symbol on it with Emblazon Armaments.

oof so if i wanted to cast a 3 action heal it should be taking me 6 actions(or 7 if I stow the shield)?

turn before 3 action heal, last action unstrap(action 1) and drop the shield (free)
turn of 3 action heal, cast the heal (actions 2 - 4)
turn after 3 action heal, pick up shield (action 5) and strap it back on (action 6)

Yikes. The Bard character is sounding more appealing by the minute. Do you want us to stage an “accident “?

Ummmm. Oops? Ok so not intentional. Let me check my understanding on that. I’m not even sure what I did incorrectly.

Oops my arrow “missed”!! :innocent:

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