[Closed] Friday 5E D&D Scales of War - 8:30 - 11:00 pm Eastern

I should be available on the 13th

I don’t know of any reason why Oct 13, wouldn’t work.

Sorry I was running a little late, missed bus and decided to walk since almost an hour for next bus

No worries.
Grapper couldn’t make it tonight so we’re aiming for Friday, Oct 13th (yes, Friday the 13th!!).

I am actually awake more than a couple hours at this point. If I don’t push myself too hard this week and drain my energy I should be up for it.
I have been out of the hospital a week now, after a solid week in the hospital and a surgery.
Oh the joys of being trapped in this meat sack of mine.

Wishing you a speedy recovery Akasa!

I might not be able to make tonight. Have some crazy stuff going on at work. I will do my best to make it if possible.
If everyone else is able to make it, please do not postpone playing on my account.

Sorry all still stuck working. Please let me know when our next session will be.

We did it! We defeated Demogorgon and saved the world!

Was I able to take his heads and put them in my bag? Oh wait, wrong character :frowning:

Hopefully we are playing tonight. Been crazy at work and could use some fun and relaxation :slight_smile:

Unfortunately we are not as the campaign is over. Sorry you missed the ending!

We should really talk about what we’re doing next though!

Oh wow, I thought that Grapper was kidding. Hopefully it was a fun night.

I can get on if you want to discuss any future next steps. I bet if you message Piper he could join as well.

Actually we would have to message everyone since no one is planning on coming tonight

I’m available if we want to discuss. LMK.

After surgery and 2 hospitalizations I have been a bit out of touch. Def interested in talking about what can be next

I could see this being Ruby and Namfoodle