[Closed] Friday 5E D&D Scales of War - 8:30 - 11:00 pm Eastern

Sorry I have been missing guys

January Schedule? I don’t have anything on my calendar.

I thought we were playing tonight. I could be wrong though.

@Akasa @grapper @fenwald @PiperHecht @Thantoss

Sorry crew, I got trapped in Mexico due to some cancelled flights. Lets play some D&D.

Hopefully the 13th and the 27th work for people! Let me know if you can’t make it.


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I can do the 13th, but I’ll be out on the 27th

cya tonight

I have been recovering from walking pneumonia. Still have really low energy levels. I am about to lay down for a rest. Hopefully I will be up for game.

February’s games will be the 10th and the 24th.

I am out of town this weekend attending a wedding and won’t be able to get online to play.
My apologies for the late post but I was holding out hope that I’d still be able to make it should things end early enough.
That said, looks like it’s going to be just the opposite and run even longer than anticipated.
Hope you’re still able to play. (Try not to kill me!).

Mark/Piper Hecht

March Games are the 3rd, 17th and 31st. See you then!

I may be late, or may be exhausted when I get home.

  1. My sister in GA is arriving any time now, with kids in tow. She has a funeral of a childhood bestie to go to this weekend.
  2. I also found out this week I lost someone close to me
  3. My able to cope meter is VERY depleted rn, may not subject you to me in a REALLY bad mood after I get over stimulated by hyperactive kids
  4. idk… I DID have a 4, but it slipped my mind.

I’m afraid I’m down with a migraine I can’t shake. Sorry folks but tonight is cancelled.

Feel better Mo Cya in 2 weeks.

I was sent this today, and since I can’t figure out a way to add a file, I am going to make a link you can follow for now directly to the pic… if It doesn’t put it up…

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Didn’t see anything posted up either way about this week.
LMK if anyone’s planning on playing tonight.
I’m currently OMW home now so should arrive in aprx 15 mins.


April 14th and 28th are our next sessions.

May 12th and 26th are our next sessions!

rebooting my computer, and doing a couple things to hopefully stabalise my internet. I have updated at least.

Im sorry guys, i have family stuff and I cant make it tonight. I meant to give you more notice, but things have been crazy.

All good Grapper!

Next sessions are June 9th and 23rd.