[Closed] Friday 5E D&D Scales of War - 8:30 - 11:00 pm Eastern

Sorry for late reply. Gonna keep them and let them get imprinted on my guy.

As a Circle of the Sheppard, and Sheppard’s sometimes have guard dogs and the first Dogs before hundreds of years of Domestication were wolfs and others of canine fam

also protecting the young of the wild… would also be something they would do, heck tried to do with the bears already

I’ll try to be there on 14th but won’t know until closer to that time as I’m living in a shelter with an 8pm curfew 10pm lights out, so if I don’t have my own place by then…

COVID cancelled my plans for the 14th, so I will be there after all.

Simultaneous Boo and Yay!

Guessing Boo is for me, better that I’m in a shelter and working, then homeless and no job lol

as it is looks like I won’t have a place but if we start at 8pm est (5pm for me) I can be on for on until 945ish ( almost 7pm for me) so I make sure I am back for curfew at shelter by 8pm here .

I can stay on Discord until 9/ 930pm my time (Midnight / 1230am) to be ready for lights out, no electronics aloud ie phones

if anything changes I’ll let ya’ll know, but until then this is my current situation hoping soon then later (this week or next) but at most 4 weeks to have a place

so how did game go? or did it?

The game went alright, although Thantoss and Akasa were missed. The party continued to traverse the underdark, now with 3 hungry hook horrors in tow.

Next game is Jan 28th.

Glad to hear y’all were able to play, sad I couldn’t play :sob:

well in my apartment / room search, one place said I can have the room soon as the tenant moves out, they are paid until the 1st, put had told the landlord that they were moving out this week, earlier this week. So I might be able to, I might not, it’s up in the air.

Hope it works out for you Thantoss!

Good News got place!

I might be a little late as 8pm est is only 5pm here, but I plan to be there

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AWESOME! Great to hear!

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February Sessions are the 11th and the 25th. See you then.

Editted from my time leap.

I plan to be :slight_smile:


I mean February, my bad.

Game tonight?

Yes Ma’am

So sorry to be missing. I really am… I have been having pre-hypertension bp today… on top of everything and… I just could not get feeling well enough to play tonight :frowning:

We missed you and hope you feel better soon.

Next games are April 8th and 22nd.

Next games are April 29th and May 13th.