Classic WoW Addons

I’m not a big Addon person, but I am thinking about using this one. I hope you won’t think less of me :).

Here is 70+ addons, found this website from a Wowhead article link.

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Just downloaded that one plus some others last night to try out. Still need to get them installed yet.

Remember the days before carbonite. Quest Helper and Cartographer were awesome mods. Ah the good ol days :wink:

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My preference was monkey quest I believe it was called. That and wardrobe for changing out slots fast.

I used “Questie” during this weeks stress test, and was happy with it. I found a quest in Dun Morogh that I never knew was there. It shows all available quest on all maps., mini, zone, & world. Other than being looked down upon by the Classic Purist, this addon is aces in my book. 2 thumbs up.

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Finally had a chance to try out Questie. So far it seems pretty good. Found a few quest in the starter zone I forgot about and some I remembered but not where to get them.

Also found a addon like Gather that works with Classsic. Will try to look up the name and post it.

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Yea I did stress test naked so to speak with add ons, but on like the 10th time through Karanos, I found a couple that i had been missing, lol.

I think I might give Questie a go on live as that would help tremendously.

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Yeah had no add ons when I started my Hunter. I knew I was missing some quests, but it had been so long since doing the NE starter zone. Had Questie installed while playing my Druid. Was able to find quests I completely forgot about and ones I remembered but forgot where to get them.

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Once live gets closer, be a good idea (for those that know) to list useful addons like you guys did here. Thank you!

yes, I know some of the authors of good addons didn’t get into the beta so they can only really test during the stress tests or work with folks that did get in. I just hope they have a wardrobe add on that allows swapping outfits that was so useful.

I need Auctioneer or Auctionator , Immersion for quest text. Dominoes for the hotbar, Altoholic, Skillet, Sexymap and adibags…lol

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IOI’s studies show that we can fill up to 80% of someone’s visual field before player induces seizures.


To this day, I don’t use a lot of addons and don’t plan to in classic, want the full meal deal authentic experience! It will be like 2006 all over again, rediscovering the world. Haha…see how long that lasts.

I prefer one big bag when I open them, and being able to move my hot bars but mostly the rest will remain the same.

For Melee and Hunters, a solid weapon swing timer (or shot timer for hunter) makes a big difference. The old 1.12 swing/shot timers (e.g. Rais Auto Shot or YaHT) don’t work in 1.13. However, WeaponSwingTimer is a great new addon that works for melee and hunters (emulates Rais and YaHT).


Global Ignore List is a quality of life addon that provides a greatly enhanced (unlimited) character ignore system, and has a robust chat/spam filtering engine to eliminate gold sellers/spammers, guild recruitment, non-latin text, and more. All of these can be enabled or disabled as you please or you can even create your own:

Global Ignore also gives you full access to its chat filtering engine so you can create your own filters whether they are as simple as a single word or complex statements that requirement boolean evaluations.

  • Unlimited ignore list size, synchronized across all characters, factions, and servers
  • Account wide ignore system
  • Ability to ignore players, NPCs, monsters, and entire servers
  • Ability to set notes for ignored entries, and expiration times for automatic removal from ignore
  • Chat spam filtering with robust chat spam filter editor, allowing players to create their own custom filters.
  • Default spam filters catch the majority of gold sellers and spammers (defaults for English servers) including gold spam, Guild recruitment, community invites, Asian languages, and so on.
  • Warnings to prevent inviting or being a member of a group with a player on your ignore list
  • Automatic decline of duels and party invites from ignored players
  • Greatly improved UI over the default
  • Enhancements to existing UI such as being able to ignore by right clicking target or from raid frames
  • Small and efficient created with pure WoW API only (no libs like ACE)

Type /gi in game for chat help, or open your ignore list for features and options

Questie has been invaluable throughout the beta.

When using, you will have to /reload to update the map quite frequently or it will not pick up everything.

Don’t for get to /reload often.

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Sounds like a one line type in macro, so you can reload by hitting a button instead of typing it in everytime. Just saying.