Classic beta/stress test

Igot my invite today anyone else?

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I got a Blizzard email and was excited…Overwatch free weekend. I’d love to get an invite to beta test but I’m not subbed so very little chance of it happening.

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I got a stress test invite for tonight :slight_smile:


Same here but was stuck in the queue.

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Spent 3 hours and got as far as character creation …then kept timing out…

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Same here. I kept cycling through trying to get in. The farthest I was able to get was submitting a new character to be created – but that just kept timing out.

Blizzard did a good job testing my stress. :slight_smile:

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Note that a stress test is literally just that. It is the team testing the limitations of the hardware, so they know which hardware to license from a vendor for the servers. One should not expect to “play” much in a stress test.

I also do not have access to the real beta yet - I would love to of course :slight_smile:

I did get in early next morning (6am) . Did night elf hunter… had forgotten a few things but they came back quickly… going to have to raise money to pay for skills etc… also hunters lose a bag spot for their quivers… bags I think will be an early need so will be in need of tailors, then smiths and leather workers and of course money to get the guild started.

I did not get a email but I did have the option to install it and login to the game server. Been fun so far relearning how to play the old version of WoW. Few things I have forgotten but surprised also on what I still remembered about the starter zone .

I was able to create a toon after 4 hours, then couldn’t log in because world server was down. But the next morning and day I played for many hours :). Never twinked a lvl 5 before, lol.

Y’all did see that there testing again this Wed, May 29th & raised the level cap to 10.

Is there very many guild members in the beta?

I hadn’t but thanks for the heads up …

I cant remember did we have guild banks in Vanilla?

Guild Bank was introduced in patch 2.3


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Same here , then they closed and locked the server. I guess we were stress testing the login server.

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Do you HAVE to be subbed to wow to get a classic beta invite?

From what i read you have to check the box in your beta profile and own a retail copy of most any Blizzard game. Didn’t see anything about having to be subbed to regular WOW.

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I’ve read that it is very unlikely to get an invite if you don’t have an active subscription and I haven’t read anyone saying that they did get one without a sub. But I also haven’t looked past the first time I looked.

Last beta/stress test was open to all who had an active subscription … from what I understand most of people doing beta are people who are streaming the game … beta/stress test are for 48 hours… next one will be middle of July after that there will be an event August 12 in which you will have access to log in and create 3 characters and name them… then 2xweeks later August 26 game launches…

I’m going to suspect you need to a active subscription for the beta. But that is just my speculation. Not a streamer but I am in the beta.

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My reading articles early on people were complaining about a lot of the beta testers were streamers… sadly I haven’t been able to garner an invite to plan beta… just to beta/stress…