Classes & Item Tuning Incoming - May 3

More information:

Community Manager
We’ve worked through a couple of modifications to our plans.

Death Knight

  • Blood
    • The First Eidolon’s Soulsteel (2-piece) set bonus: Heart Strike now increases the duration of Dancing Rune Weapon by 0.33 seconds (was 0.5 seconds).
    • The First Eidolon’s Soulsteel (2-piece) set bonus: maximum Strength stack cap is now 40 (was 75).

We will modify the planned adjustment to the Dancing Rune Weapon extension from the 2-piece bonus, reducing the maximum stack cap of the Strength bonus down to 40 from 75. Our initial goal was to rein in the power from the overall set bonus as it far exceeded our expected value for a tier bonus when played well. However, this nerf also hit the lower end harder than intended while also making Blood feel worse playing around optimal gearing and mechanical play to maximize the potential of the bonus. We will instead shift to reducing the maximum Strength cap so that the playstyle of the set bonus remains relatively unchanged but the damage capabilities (and to a lesser extent some of the defensive power) are pulled back some to a more appropriate value.


  • Outlaw
    • All damage abilities increased by 4%.

We’d like to extend our thanks to the community for all of your discussion on the proposed adjustments. We really appreciate being able to harness the power of your feedback before making changes to the live game.