Class tuning coming June 28


Oh man Trevain, that’s just heartless. Locks have always had poor setups and just when we finally get them, Bliz nerfs them.


Rain of Fire aoe was too op in the higher mythic keys. Depending on the pull size you could see dps in the 40k range. Now it is just not sustainable outside the initial Infernal drop.

Same thing with survival hunters and their bombs…too much uncapped aoe damage compared to other classes.

What was unfair was going into the World MDI challenge and nerfing it now. Teams have spent weeks working out pull & route strategies relying on a certain amount of dps per pull.

Affliction aura buffs are nice, but still doesn’t work out the Tier Set garbage playstyle until they either revert the Rapture Nerfs from post Nathria or add Sow the Seeds procs to be included in the tier set.


ok, the way I read it seemed a bit obscure then. Glad its normal now. Too bad about Affliction …my favorite lock spec. But that’s probably not going to be a problem come launch of Dragonflight since I’ll be trying out the dragon specs. Seems they might be more similar to shaman than not.