City of Heroes - Homecoming

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I’m playing as well.

Do they have villans with it too or is it just heros.

I made a few villans when that came out back in the day, but sort of my interest had weaned off by the time villans came out.

Was always fun to mess around with the character creation and making costumes.

Yup they have everything.

What server are you on? If I’m doing this correctly, my in-game ID is @Vauils, since some butthead took Vowels, heh. I’m currently on Everlasting, but willing to move servers. Also, I’m willing to use the OTG discord…I just have usually hung out on my own.

As to the villains question…I think you can play the original setup with heroes/villains, or do the Resistance/Loyalist campaign, but I’m still finding my way through it. I may be wrong on this, on further thought, because it may be a license issue.

Actually, on creating a new char, I just answered my own question on whether you could play the original game…the choice is to play COH: Freedom (the original game with heroes/villains) or COH: Going Rogue (Loyalist/Resistance scenario). This is kind of exciting. :slight_smile:

Actually I don’t play private servers though, thought this was a relaunch of it and bored with Wow.

But I think is against OTG rules to discuss games that are private server based, just saying.

We may not form an official in-game guild and you are right we should avoid the topic on the official channels. Until NCSoft gives a thubs up that is.



I’ve been playing a little… every time I breathe… :slight_smile:

Have kept 20 toons out of 80 or so I’ve made.

As an addendum, You can also play as a Vigilante or Rogue… See Null the Gull on top of the Van on the red side in Pocket D.
Vigilante = Blue side, but can access red, also.
Rogue = Red side, but can access blue, also.

Worth noting.

You should have used Consonants…lol

Who’s running this? Is it officially sanctioned by NCSoft? Is there a cost associated with it? Are Mercedes Lackey’s quests in it?

I believe it is a private server…someone at NCSoft leaked the server code to someone in Argentina and they had been running a private server for years and kept it under wraps. But then the info got leaked from that and it went public.

So very not sanctioned by NCSoft so technically illegal, even though they might not take action against their intellectual property.

Not sure what else goes along with it except that OTG does NOT sanction private servers and violations of gaming companies.

The same group that runs the sanctioned Paragon Chat is supposedly in talks with NCSoft to get them to sanction this as well … but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Otherwise, yup, completely unsanctioned and I’m keeping away, no matter how tempted I may be.

It’s against rules to talk about private server games? Really? Link me to that, please.

Hmm, I wasn’t aware they were doing something illegal…they’re not hiding it, so it’s not like they can’t be sued. Okay, well, I’ll stop advertising it here, then.

If anyone wishes to come to my discord channel and discuss it with ME, here is my link:

I am not used to this new site or I would go find the link.

But basically, private servers are run against the original software/publishers terms of service and are therefore illegal. They could be sued in a court of law for violation of intellectual rights, but we maybe talking not worth their effort to sue. But still does not make them legal by any sense of the imagination. Just because the parent company of the game doesn’t take action doesn’t make them NOT a violation of the agreement you sign when you play a game that most of us probably just click through but has the legal mumbo jumbo for this kind of stuff.

And then if you get into OTG territory since it is a violation of the terms of service with the original publishers game, that would mean it would be a violation of OTG code of conduct, I believe. But to keep OTG’s name in good graces with gaming companies and getting people into test and that sort of thing, we as a group stay away from stuff that would violate the terms of service agreements.

One example I can think of and this wasn’t even a private server was in Darkfall, when it originally started there was nothing in the ToS that said automating things was a ToS violation. So people would set up in a town where you would use a sword on another person till it broke to level up your sword skill. Well they decided later to change to ToS to include NO automation which a game is legally able to do as they put that little tidbit things are subject to change in the agreement too. So then the practice that was accepted before was not allowed by the OTG chapter because the rules had changed.

But a private server is illegal because they have no legal rights to the intellectual property. They have stolen the code to make it work and if the original company could get more out of them, they probably would sue but usually it is not worth the time and effort. Like WoW classic there have been private servers doing vanilla for sometime if you utube it, but Blizzy didn’t go after each and every one of them too much resources for little gain. So Blizzies answer was to kill them by joining them and releasing Classic.

Just saying the legality of the private server situation and not being legal and a supported game is why OTG wouldn’t really want to support talking about it. IF it got the a-ok from like NC Soft or they bought the intellectual rights from them then it would be OK, because then they would be the new owner. But here that is not the case it is stolen code from a leak from a former NC Soft employee.

I am going to stop talking about it now, and sorry I can’t get an actual link to where it would be stated, but I think I have explained it enough as to why it would not get support from OTG management and why we should be very careful to be discussing it in the first place. To keep in the good graces of gaming companies.

It falls under the text “Discussion of game emulators is not allowed on any service provided by OTG”. The admins have made only one exception that I can recall: in the case where the copyright owner officially sanctioned the private server/emulator as ok.

You all realize that playing on unofficial or leaked code servers is a violation of OTG TOS and CoC… right?

I knew you knew that…