Checking in, and an update

The older Old Timers know me. I sadly havent been as active lately as I used to be. I have been having health problems and they have gone steadily down hill.
I am currently sitting at home undergoing a 3 day EEG while they record possible siezure activity. IDK what it could be OTHER THAN siezures. This is my home and I still talk about you guys and send people here. I hope to be around a while, but I’m afraid with my health the way it is… that won’t be the case…

Just a heads up my friends.


Who you callin older?!

wait… I guess I AM getting older. Whatever…

Hey there Akasa. Sorry to hear it’s been a rough road lately, and hopefully things do turn around in the near future! No more talk of things going topsy turvy! Thinking positively is the first step to making life go that way, so get to it! You have a task now :slight_smile:

Really do hope you feel better soon!

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Get better soon and good luck with your EEG.

Hey there Akasa, so sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather. Hope you are feeling better soon. Although its been a while since I ran around with you in-game, I remember how much fun we all had.

Yea…getting older is a PITA no matter who you are or where you are. Besides, Bette Davis said it best…

“Old age ain’t no place for sissies.”
― Bette Davis

Get well soon! Looking forward to your uphill post

@Akasa Take good care of yourself. We’re here for you, always.


I’m sorry to hear this, Akasa. I hope they can figure out what’s going on and help you. Take care.

I hope you get some clarity and a path forward soon. /hug

Was that heart or brain ? The V.A. had me wear one for 30 days after my stroke. hope ya get well soon ! Pops

Brain Pops.

I don’t know if I’m an old Old Timer or not, but I remember that name…although you have changed avatars since last I saw you! Here’s praying for the health situation to be minor and life return to normal…although nowadays, what’s normal? :slight_smile: Hang tight!

I remember you too!

I hope you get better soon, Akasa. We haven’t spoken for quite awhile, but you will always be my friend and I fondly remember all the adventures we embarked on together in multiple games. Illness can be very rough , both physically and mentally. As hard as it is, just know you are in my prayers. :slight_smile:

Akasa. Yes I know you we have played together in the past. I do indeed know you and those damn kids need to stay off my lawn. Dangit! My old profile is gone from the old forums. So my “join” date on the forums here is incorrect. I first joined OTG back in 2007. I don’t even remember the game anymore but I was very active in LOTRO at the time. I myself will now have more time to play as my kids are grown and moved out of my house and are both married. My wife is still very anti-gaming unfortunately. Which is why I am making this post at approx 2am when she is asleep. :slight_smile:


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Feel better Asaka!!!

Sending wishes of longer life to you, Akasa. Live long and prosper.

Hang in there Akasa. I remember you posting a lot in the early years of this guild. I hope all goes well.

Hoping all works out for a good diagnosis and treatment so you can get back to pwning the internets

Oh no! Keep fighting the good fight girly!