Character Debate

So looking ahead to the next game I am debating a few different classes and want to see what folks thing.
Ranger-possible Gloom Stalker
Arcane Archer

Only one I’ve played is a Warlock… a ways back. Just started up a celestial warlock cause “eldrich blast AND some heals? Yes please!”

For survivability and versatility, I love Monk.

I’ve only dabbled with Warlock as a secondary multiclass with Wild Magic but it was fun if you like unpredictability.

Couldn’t tell you much about the other two.

I’m playing a Monk of the Way of the Four Elements in the Eberron campaign I’m in and the DM had us roll for stats, bad move for him as I rolled nothing under a 10 and rolled two 18’s. My monk started off with an AC of 18 and should have been pretty good at not getting hit and feel somewhat durable, but the damn dice seem to take offense at my stats and screw me all the time. DM swears he’s not trying to kill me and we laugh about it, but our group is my Monk, a Bard, an Artificer and a Rogue so I’m the only tank-ish thing they’ve got and at least I go unconscious the most in fights. We started off at level 1 and I’m at level 4 so far, so got a bit to go before my Monk really starts taking off. But I already got his Dexterity and Wisdom up to natural 20 with an AC of 20 now, so the dice are gonna have to work overtime screwing me over on enemy rolls to hit. It’s gonna get worse for the DM at lvl 11 when I start throwing Fireballs into the works.

So starting the water deep dungeon next week, which will go to mad mage. Debating what to run, the party has a bard/sorc, ranger, sorc, and a monk. Was thinking of a tempest cleric, or a forge cleric, but not sure what would be cool for this run. Thoughts?

Lemme look those up real quick and then I’ll give you my input.

Ok, both are cool, but I think for the simple fact you get identify, proficiency in smiths tools, heat metal(do NOT underestimate this one!), and magic weapon on forge that would be the best way to go.

try storm cleric/lore bard or storm sorcerer, 2/18.