Catch Up with Safari

Where you’re concerned, ALWAYS :grin:

In about 5 minutes go look at my post I’ll put in star wars day thread

Happy Star Wars Day

Hugs Safari
Taps Senzo on the head did you read about the waiting 5 minutes @Senzoba?

I think it more has to do with the decline of MMOs. I know I miss the golden age of so many quality titles :slight_smile:

Maybe that will change with so much of the world being shut in. Give some of those genius game developers who have been letting life get in the way of producing a great new game, a game that will be specifically MMO for purpose of socializing in isolation.

But I still love the games that are still going now. SWTOR and WoW. DCUO. Rift is probably still kicking albeit in smaller scales.

I never did achieve all that I set out to do in those games. So I’ll just head on back. My absence had been due to the inability to sit at my desk followed by Disassembled PC, that needed another person to put back together.

You know the muscle I organized that might’ve ended up decapitated if you read that post.

I have just hit a blasted snag. My PC is mad at me for letting it sit so long without any love. And has decided to crack the pootans and refuse to start. Bugger might have to wait til I get the new rig before I can play again.

Keep safe Ase good to see you are still part of the furniture around here.


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I did and waited 4 hours

Got me some antibiotics. That’s 4 times a day and a snack beforehand. Yup, I’ll be losing weight. Not! :stuck_out_tongue:
Take care of yourself. And I’m going to have to work out something with Discord lol

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Oh the star wars pic I mean. Just you wait RatBag! I’ll figure out a good punishment :smiley:

@Taff I really do want you to fix your Discord, I haven’t spoken to you in a very long time. LoL make sure you take your medicine, predicted text wanted me to type vitamins, so you better take them too.

I remember the days when you and Tac were in channel on mumble at the same time and you had to be Taffy because it would have been rude to call her Tacky hehehe

I haven’t seen Tac for many years, she went inactive long ago but never came back, she hasn’t moved into this new house of OTG either. Such a shame we used to have loads of fun. Do you remember Tac?

HAPPY NOW :smirk:

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What am I suppose to be happy about? You didn’t do anything except reply Happy Now with a smirk icon.

Are you aware that below everyone’s posts other then your own, is a little love heart? AND if you click that love heart it is roughly the same as Clicking on LIKES in Facebook.

I was talking about the picture I posted in Happy Star Wars Day thread. Did you look at it? You have to scroll down all the way down to the bottom. Then you click that little heart icon. BUT only click it once then it turns red. If you click it a second time by accident it takes it away. But I suppose DON’T click it at all if you didn’t like or love it. :slight_smile:

But I didn’t get a notification to say you did it. These forums are SMART FORUMS they tell everyone everything that’s going on. Maybe if you do it real fast twice they take away the notification. We are going to have to test these forums and see what they are capable of when I get into DISCORD. OMG so much stuff to learn. But so far I like these SMART features here.


I just typed all that out and then figured you are saying that you are happy now, it wasn’t a question but a statement. I CANT BE BOTHERED deleting what I typed. AND you still didn’t like the dang post Senzoba.

SO @Senzoba – What is it that you are HAPPY NOW smirk facing about? Tell Safari all about it.

Let me guess @Duvago helped you get Path Finder and now you can fly in Draenor?

Thank you to all my awesome friends who know that the silly things in life amuse me and make me very happy. YaY I got the badges I was trying to earn. That doesn’t mean I want you to stop doing it of course :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

If I haven’t said it yet or you missed it last time I told you, here it is again. I love you all :grin:

Big Squeezie Group Hug from Safari

This waiting for my pc is now officially giving me the shits, and it’s only been 12 hrs since it left home this morning.

check the star wars forum where you asked me to go and see what I liked

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goes over to where Senzo said to

Be patient she doesn’t have opposable thumbs so it took her a little longer. But this cat tends to be camera shy so I just had to roll with it. It’s 4 minutes long. Wiggles Nicknamed
Wiggy Doons. Yeah that’s my voice trying to encourage her.

That kitty door is locked and I also put a second barrier hanging from the other side in an attempt to keep them out when I don’t want them in my office. Nothing works she still gets in. So much for trying to do something nice for these brats to allow them to enter my office without having to get up and open the door for them.

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There is no text to speech enabled in Discord 8*-(
if speech is enabled in the channel there is no text box at all 8*-(
I can hear people talk but no way to answer back at all
definitely a downgrade for me

She is saying Just open the damn door now, remember I know where you sleep :smile:

I read a long time ago that refer a friend was applicable in SWTOR if you introduced a new player or brought back an old player to subscription status. @Duvago if you don’t have a Kurtob Alliance yet this is your chance to get one. You get dibs because you are a Die Hard star wars Fan. Email me the referral link ASAP. You know the details. I hope it’s still valid. You even get cartel coins for a few months while the player remains subscribed.

Now it might be the same for WoW bringing back an inactive player. I would like either @Alphea or @Senzoba to get the double dink mount opportunity. You already have it Duvago. But it might not be applicable in WoW. Fellhorn tried to revive his account but ended up starting a new one that’s how I got my double dink rocket. To those who have forgotten how to speak Aussie. That’s a mount that can carry a friend.

You have to be quick about it though because I need to get the downloads started. I need to click these links before I log in. @Duvago quickly start with SWTOR refer a friend because that was real what I read. But may have been taken away. Only do it if you Do NOT already have a kurtob alliance speeder let Senzo or Alphea do it.

@Alphea @Senzoba check your private messages for my email address. The referral with the earliest timestamp gets the opportunity to try. But forego if you already have a double dink mount.

SWTOR referal link sent @Safari .

Not sure if WoW still does the double mount any more. I was looking at the refer a friend page a couple days ago and it didnt mention the carry a friend mounts. Instead they have a bunch of monthly rewards.


@Alphea it looks like Discord should be able to do text to speech in chat channels, but the admins have disabled it. You should ask the admins if they can grant you permissions individually to use text to speech.

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@Alphea If this helps…

On Discord, text channels are completely different from the voice channels. If folks know you are listening and participating in the conversation, they will generally watch the corresponding text channel for your comments. This is how it is commonly how this is addressed with Discord, so it’s something folks would be used to seeing and doing.

A quick Google (thanks so much @juulz!) shows this is a user setting, not a server setting. So both you and anyone you’d want to communicate using this feature would need to enable it on their own client. I do not recall if this is on or off by default.

PS Try this:

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