Buy Back Question

So I managed to break into the Chairmans Club sometime. I never paid too much attention to it until I had a fair amount of time on my hands since i am currently out of work.

So I was doing wishful thinking about the special packages and saw the Entrepreneur package. And just playing with the number based on what ships I have and what they where worth in the melting option.

I thought about maybe melting my BMM and Starfarer as well as my prospector to do it. Then when I get working again I could just rebuy back them both.

My question is when you go to buy back something you melted do you pay what you paid the first time or do you have to pay the current going price for the ship?

I know some of you have made an art out of using the buy back system. So figured I would ask here before I put in a question to the Concierge team about it. Since I have one out already with them and it has been 4 days or so with no answer on it yet.


I haven’t used a buy back, but if I try to buy back my sabre comet lti I get a price of 175 which I believe is pledge price, but again I am not sure what it sells for these days.

update, checking Toruk’s fleet prices, he has it listed at $185 so I’d say it’s what you paid for it, but again take that with a grain of salt.

Nod, I’ve only used the buy back on freelancer and Hornet packages I had bought like 3 years ago. And those prices have been pretty steady for a long while . My BMM is worth 250 and the Starfarer Gemini is 220 as sell back. And I know the BMM got a price increase to 350 somewhere along the line from when I bought it. I’d really hate to melt it for 250 and then have to pay 350 to get it back.


You may want to drop a ticket into your fresh new Concierge, but to the best of my recollection I paid back the credits I got from melting the ship.

Yeah, I just did that. Better safe than sorry. I just have a feeling it will be a bit before i get an answer on either of my concierge request what with the Holiday season upon us.


Here is the skinny on buy backs

If you buy a ship package or stand alone ship for $x then you will have the option to buy it back for the same price.
If you used a coupon to buy that ship or package then you will lose the coupon savings in the buy back.

If you have a CCU in buy back then you will pay the current CCU price when you go to buy it back, NOT the price you originally paid.

Some items are not available for Buy Back, such as Voyager Direct items like the Big Benny’s machine or some ship weapons. Once melted those are gone forever.

When you melt an upgraded item, say a Dragonfly CCU’ed to a Merchantman, you will get all of the store credit for that purchase but the Dragonfly is the only thing that will appear in your Buy Back list. The upgrades applied are lost, you get the store credit for them only.

If you have any question about something that you are considering melting then it is best to put in a Concierge ticket BEFORE you melt. Customer service will be unlikely to assist you with an item once it is melted and gone, but they are great about answering questions before you melt.

OK, thanks Simdor.

I did put a ticket in, but they likely won’t get to it until after they come back from holiday break. Got an automated response to both of the tickets I put in when the status changed but they listed the break in there.

That being said, I decided to melt my Terapin and that gave me enough to get the 6 month ship only Freelancer Dur and a Gladius they are offering right now . Just to play with when I get my gaming rig back on the internet. I’m not worring to much abotu LTI on them as I just want to play around with them.


The DUR is an excellent choice!

They put 4 of the new Attrition repeaters on it as default weapons.
It packs a hell of a punch.

It is my go to ship right now. In time I will probably drift back to using my Cutlass, but the DUR is absolutely staying in my fleet.