Bulldog Agility run

I know there are a lot of dog lovers in OTG, so when I ran across an amazing article which has a video attached showing one bulldog pup crashing the runs at a dog show, I just had to share.

“Though Rudy’s time was a bit slower than Verb the Border Collie’s winning time of 32.05 seconds, the canine quickly went viral.” Just watch here and see this amazing bulldog run…

But one comment caught my eye and had me laughing. “The only time Wally moves like this is when he has something in his mouth he’s not supposed to have,” one woman wrote of her bulldog.


LOL, I saw that the other day, that dog had me crackin up. did you see the one of the dog that basically walked through the whole course, and on the higher points he stopped and looked at the crowd

Yea…he made the news too. “Winky The Bichon Frise Loses At Westminster Agility But Wins The Internet”

I found the link here for that story and it is hilarious. Sometimes these dog shows are more than entertaining.

Oh and here is another “entry” to this dog show…Jimmy Kimmel definitely used green screen to great effect.

“Humans Are The Real Stars In Kimmel’s Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Spoof” … lol (watch video of this spoof here)