Borderlands 3!

Launching today! I know some people are waiting until it is no longer an Epic exclusive but my son spent the summer playing the other games in the series and are so excited about this game, I pre-ordered two copies.

Just wondering who else is playing at (or shortly after) launch.

Please don’t post Epic Games rants in this thread, thank you. Just looking for other B3 players.

My Epic Games ID is RanterX. Please post yours and I will add them here.

  • OTGtpsabre
  • WildfiresOTG
  • WildfiresOTG …
  • Longhorn_90


I bought it and plan to play I am also playing WoW Classic so will be splitting my time between them I was not a fan of Borderlands 2 but some friends talked me into getting Borderlands 3 and giving it a honest try .

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What is your EPIC (so epic) ID?

I’m already on your friends list for both steam and epic ( OTGtpsabre ).

Short list of OMG I love the changes

  1. Shotguns. avoided them in both BL BL2. It’s a blast now with the knock down effect.
  2. Sounds for the weapons. I’ve always wanted a Silencer on a weapon in BL. Now I do on a DAHL smg.
  3. Really appreciate the (in options) calibration for monitor edges , FOV , and the ( in options ) Frame rate test.
  4. I blew a leg off a scag with a shotgun last night so … dismemberment locations have been expanded.
  5. You can color the primary + secondary color tones of your skins. There’s 4 areas, I think 4, to choose and each one has a primary and secondary area.
  6. The fidelity of the graphics. Fog , dirt blowing across the roads from the wind, the glowing effects of weapons / fire / lights.
  7. Sliding and climbing are easily done and cool/fun. I was afraid of some key-combo finger twisting.
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Shotguns I’ve seen so far either have a shield in zoom mode (some of which bounce shots back at enemies) or ricochet bullets! :open_mouth:

My son was excited about sliding (I guess because of Apex Legends) but the climbing is the um fo shizzle or whatever as far as I am concerned.

I love the instant reloading of ammo at the vending machines too… and many other things I can’t think of because I am at work just wanting to play the game right now! :smiley:

… about ammo … open a box/chest … walk over ammo and it’s just picked up. alot of the time in BL 2 I would have to hit “e” to pick it up. or that’s what I believe I remember.

fyi : there was a utube video about 5 minutes long of “quality of life” changes. From that video I learned if I open the map I can click on my car (if I have one) , a fast transit station , and I thought a “zone” line and I’m transported there. No more running all the way back.

anyways … now I’m in love with shotguns. that knock down / knock back is awesome. I shot a round into a charging bandit square in the chest causing him to fly backwards over a railing. hahaha

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My EPIC name is WildfiresOTG …

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I’ll be grabbing B3 as soon as I finish Tales from the Borderlands to make sure I am fully up to date on the overarching storyline.

Steam ID - [OTG] Longhorn
Epic ID - Longhorn_90

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Aim for the legs and knocks enemies down… then go to town on them. :smiley: