Been Waiting A Long Time

Been waiting so long…it was free when I pre ordered. Amazon is honoring the price too, which I can’t honestly believe. Just a while longer.

How are you passing the time?

Hum, I know beta is supposed to be around the corner, and iirc pre-order gives you beta access but alpha has been going on for a while if you want to get your toes wet, use the beta sign up to get the alpha invite:

If you are really looking to play, cause I really don’t think release will happen this year.

I have been involved with Alpha at various points .

With the resources Amazon has and since they have already released games from this studio I think we will see it within its release window. I just don’t see Amazon falling on its face, I could 100% be wrong.

July 23rd will tell us more.

Wow that is a long wait and an amazing price holy cow

only 1 more month till beta and 2 for release. If you think your wait is bad, I wouldn’t mention that to anyone who backed Star Citizen when it first went green light LOL, I dropped money into that back in 2014.

At least SC folks can play a game. Try being a camelot unchained backer lol. If any game were to fold up their tents I would put my money on CU.

NW will release on time. Not sure where this not this year is coming from.

Probably from those burnt on many MMO’s now that are severely delayed or took money and folded. There just isn’t much confidence in new games it would seem.

Most of those are early access or crowd funded games. They are proving to be very heartbreaking for many of us. Part of that is due to getting to see all the stages of development which in the past most never saw until the game was near release.

I like a lot of what I have seen thus far with New World, but I’m not playing the alpha much to try to keep the game fresh once if releases.

Been playing a lot of CoD Modern Warfare to occupy my time until this and Cyberpunk 2077 release.

Thanks for the tip about the alpha/beta signup! I had also previously place an early version and also was able to order this for free quite a while ago!