Been Away - Games Suggestions Please

Similar post in the past, gang, and I’m going to do it again…I’ve been away for a while. I’d simply like to know the game(s) that would be best to get back into to play with OTG. Something on the PlayStation would be ideal. But PC or Apple games would be good too. I really appreciate any feedback you can offer. And if there’s a better place to post this, I’ll listen to that too. :^)

It all depends on the type of games you like to play really.

If you’re looking for something MMO-wise that could be on the PC or the Playstation, you go go with Final Fantasy Online 14, Elder Scrolls Online, Neverwinter, Star Trek Online or Black Desert Online. All of those MMO’s have console versions available on the Playstation. I am not sure which of those games have cross platform grouping though so you would want to loo into that because I don’t know what the guild population might be for any of those games on the console. I think overall that Final Fantasy Online 14 and Elder Scrolls Online have the largest guild presence of any of those MMO’s listed.

You could also look into some co-op, multiplayer games as well to get back into playing with the guild. Warframe has a small but dedicated guild presence still with a new expansion that provides a whole new way to play from the start. Diablo 4 launches at the start of June and there will be a decent decent sized (if not bigger) guild presence in that from the start.