Beautiful desolation

If your a fan of the original FALLOUT 1 & 2 this looks to be right up your alley.
I for one LOVED FALLOUT 1 & 2, This game looks to be a modern version of it.
You can wishlist it on steam, it’s releasing in a week.

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Looks neat. Thanks for the info.

why is this in the new world section?

that would be my fault i thought i clicked back to the main GD page, if anyone can move this thread to there , that would be great

Done! Cool-looking game, too!

Thanks for the heads up! I still have Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics games in their original boxes :smiley:

Old School FTW ! I cut the covers of the boxes off and have all of them from back in the day.

Thanks @Edzwarr. I talked to my editor about this game and she got me a review copy. Unfortunately, 5 days is too short. Review scheduled for March 65th.

Sweet I have faith in you, you can power through a game in less then 24 hours man , i know i can :stuck_out_tongue: