Back 4 Blood anyone?

Having an excellent time in B4B. It’s been out for a year and has received a lot of love from the devs. Finding the customization of card decks, player characters, and roles fun and engaging. I don’t often go for FPS games, but this one really ticks a lot of boxes for me. Killing zombies is just kinda…therapeutic. =)

Playing with another OTG member and we’re looking for more to fill our squad out from 2 people to 4 people. We’re currently making our way through Act 3 on Nightmare and look forward to No Hope difficulty at some point.

If you’re playing or interested in Back 4 Blood, be happy to run with you, or help with questions. The offline version is fantastic, as the bots fill in the other characters and guarantee a good time without having to deal with yahoos from the general public.

If you’d like to run with us, let me know. Be happy to share more details. And, if you glossed over this game, I recommend giving it a try. It might surprise you.

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