Ascent: Infinite Realm

Is anyone tracking this? It is supposed to be a Korean game specifically built for Western audiences. It is currently in closed beta in Korea, and slated for a 2019 launch.

I’ve been keeping my eye on this one. Its very purty…

Yeah I’ve been following it also; trying to keep the hype down until its closer. It looks promising, but can they deliver is the question.

This has me written all over it!! Especially the steampunk theme. :slight_smile:

Looks very interesting. I hope they have the game in English. The graphics look great.

Reminds me of BDO with airships…

Have to admit soon as I saw it you was first person I thought of lol.

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Looks interesting, but I think I’m done with Korean MMOs. :frowning:

looks interesting to me too ! Hope that it is as good as the trailer :slight_smile: The steampunk and the houses !! :+1:
Been a while, hope it is still slated for the '19 release.

Their BETA is open but you have to VPN and play on their servers. Anyone playing it yet?

Just heard beta sign ups for the NA version are up now. Going to sign up when I get home. Doubt this game will be the next big mmo but hopefully it can at least provide a few months of entertainment

Just came here to post this; it is also being released under the name Elyon, it has gone through a major overhaul of most the game so don’t expect what they promised in A:IR to be fully in. Can sign up for the Beta here:

If oyu have an old BDO account can use that sign up

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I just signed up for the Beta. It looks quite interesting.