Anyone playing Apex Legends?

I am really digging Apex Legends - free to play, Fortnite without the building plus some Overwatch character class goodness. Is anyone else playing? If so, hit me up on Discord so we can play together!

Downloaded it but not tried it yet. Plan to this weekend.

It’s really fun, make sure to add me on Origin (I’m DarthMyyk there as well) so we can play!

Not sure how much I will play, but had some fun with it the other day.

Origin Handle is Findywen

I like it, we’ve been playing a couple days

Cool, add DarthMyyk and we can play sometime!

I play some on xbox but I also have it downloaded for PC. My origin name is: Floyd-Tha-Barber. Feel free to add me if ya want.

Hi, I am playing my Origin Name is SweetB0MB That is a zero … Send me a friend request. I am not the greatest but love to play!! Peace!

Game is super fun. My PC origin is Myndgames . Hope to see y’all in game!

Maybe we should designate one of the public channels in OTG discord for apex?

There are temp lobby channels that can be created at the very bottom of the list. Or there is also general games group channels 1-3 that are probably empty most of the time too

I tried one of the temp channels the other day for Apex…I don’t think anyone looks down that far for anything lol

Okay I think I have everybody added in this to Origin (if not, send an invite to DarthMyyk). I’ll be playing a lot this coming weekend! I’ll head down to the general games group channels and look for folks when I get on.

I will have to download Discord I take it. I use in game chat right now. I will have to see how this is setup…

I meant it only as an additional tool to identify and group up with others playing Apex. No voice comms are necessary for this game.

I’ve sent a friend request to all in this thread! Yay! My online is -OTG-Uther.

My Origin Name is Raventropy. I have been enjoying my time in AL even though I am really not any good. :slight_smile:

I am not good either, but having fun! :slight_smile:

I am getting on now, guess I’ll head to the General Games voice and play with anyone who shows up! :smiley:

yes and also enjoyed few times i played usually play pugb but may start playing more apex
i will add everyone from post to friends list hopefully be able to hoo0k up with a few of you my Origin name dallazzOTG

I play some on Xbox and PC.

Doodzey6 on Origin
Doodzey on Xbox

Figured I might as well add this here since Apex players are concentrated here

Lots of good advice in my opinion! Sorry if Force isnt your cup of tea :stuck_out_tongue:

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