Anyone interested in a good modem?

Hi there folks. We recently obtain fiber optic service for our home internet and now have a modem available to sell. I purchased this modem back in February when my son started working from home, for his home office in the spare bedroom. We set it up in our living room until the room was completed, but he decided he did not want to move into a small bedroom.

Then he decided to switch from Comcast to ATT in order to get the fiber service he wanted, since ATT finally brought that service into our area. So now we have a modem that we aren’t using. I sold the router to a neighbor but he already had a modem, and he only needed the router. Which leaves us with the modem

Modem information: Nighthawk CM1150V Multi-Gig Speed Cable Modem for Xfinity Internet & Voice

This modem is in excellent condition. We never had any issues with it. Since we have closed our comcast account, my son asked them to remove it from their system so it is ready to go to a new home.

I’ve also taken the step to have it removed from my warranty list in Netgear’s system so that the remaining warranty can be applied for by a new owner. Anyone interested, please contact me via pm on this forum. :grin: