Any guilds in these games?

I am just wondering if there are any OTG guilds in the following games and if so how do I get a membership:
Dragon Age Origins
Enderal Forgotten Stories
Mass Effect
Mass Effect Andromeda
Dragon Age Inquisition
The Witcher 1
Skyrim Special Edition
Original Black Desert Online

I know it is a lot but these are what I am playing right now, off and on.

Thank you for any help or information regarding this request.

Majority of the games on your list are single player games with perhaps some having cooperative multiplayer. OTG has guilds in MMOs that support guild functionality, so no guilds except for Black Desert Online. Not sure if the “original” is different from what OTG is supporting. Best bet is to go to the OTG BDO game pages and ask there.

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Thank you. I have recently reinstalled BDO after many years away, and I just installed BDO Mobile. I would like to join an OTG guild in both of these games. Can you help me on this request? I remember how difficult it was to learn BDO so I will need a ton of help to get back into the game. Also, I wanted to delete a few of my characters but it tells me I cannot because the chars have Pearl Items? I do not know how to delete them or get rid of the items blocking my way to delete. I want to start fresh with the remastered version and learn all over. Needless to say if I can get into a guild I will have tons of questions. Please help me and advise what I need to do, especially to delete old characters. I want to start over and fresh. Thank you.

Please respond to this post. I want to start fresh, so I need to know how to delete chars containing Pearl items which seem to be blocking me. Thank you and sorry for being a bother. Off to bed, chat with you tomorrow

OTG/BDO forums is where you will likely find your answers.

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