And so I went into Wait Mode

I used to follow the project very actively. Watched every video front to back, but now I’m really just taking a backseat. I don’t like it - but I feel like the best thing to do is just wait, now.

I can’t stand testing, as the Issue Council is a complete waste of my time.

The game continues to not work in ways that I’ve been reporting and talking about since 3.0’s PTU.

Since the game doesn’t work, It’s very hard to enjoy what’s currently in the game.

By the end of the year, we’ll start seeing the first of the “TonyZ things” in economy-generated missions. It’s a start, but we’re still missing even the basics of a crafting system or a serious form of personal space outside of the woefully obsolete hangar.

At the same time. I know CIG has at least several dozen open positions. It’s obvious they know they aren’t going fast enough and need help, but they need to start putting reasons to keep me engaged back into regular content creation and gameplay. I’d play the game if there was something for ME to DO.

I hope whoever’s going to the convention this year can bring some lingering issues to the devs. The input assignment system, the old ass bugs, the lack of goodguy content, issues with engaging the community, the lack of even tier 0 crafting and collecting. So many things I can’t even gather them all.

I have been in wait mode for at least 2 years now, or maybe more. It is a tough pill to swallow, but hopefully by the time I retire in 10 years I will have something to play.

I hear you both.

Recently a friend of mine who had not played for at least 6 months came back and wanted to join up to see what was new in game. I had to explain hover mode and some of the more recent flight model choices to him, which was all fine. But after that he asked, “ok so what is there to do that is new?”

I had no answer. I mean I told him about new places to see and some of the new missions there were, but really that was about it. Not that I expect there to be more, it is a process as I always am saying. But this year has been woefully thin on stuff to do type content.

But that was to be expected. CIG told us late last year that 2019 was going to be all about getting SQ42 to beta. The focus being on the other side of the fence means it is no surprise that what we see on the PU side is minimal. That doesn’t make it any more fun for us but it does make it a little easier to swallow knowing that the work is being done elsewhere.

Even with that we are still seeing some of the major milestones hit this year. SSOCS is nearing its release, and so far we have gotten improvements in stability and performance. Not the bright shiny things like crafting or accessible hangars in the PU or livable HABS…but progress.

Every time I start to get discouraged with the pace of the development, I take a step back and look at it as a whole. I knew going in that SC alone was a 10 year project. Add to that the side by side development of SQ42 and that 10 easily gets extended. From that point of view if I look at the project as 4 to 5 years of development (the game’s actual development did not start with the kickstarter or even near that time) then I have to say it is doing well. If I look at the latest patch as a snapshot it can easily be discouraging.

It is all in point of view I suppose.

I do think it is a wise idea to take a break. If the game is not offering you anything right now that you can enjoy then just step away and wait for a time when it is. It will get there eventually, and be worth the wait.

Pre-ordered outer worlds and cyberpunk, super excited for both. The new star wars looks interesting but it’s EA so no pre-order for me. New Ghost Recon, new Settlers, tons of new games coming out, tons of things for me to do and play until CIG releases something for me. Been in wait mode for several years now.

Not going to buy the Nautilus, though it looks interesting. I have ZERO need for a frigging mine layer :stuck_out_tongue:

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